Thursday, February 7

goals for the "rest of my life"

Today is acutally my 36th birthday, so I thought this is a good day to start writing in my new blog and to start the "rest of my life". I have plans for the years ahead, and I know it will be hard to follow up on every one of the following goals, but at least I wrote them down..... Here are some of my goals for the future:

do more crafty things with my little ones
read more to the kids
be a better wife
take even more time to cook healthy
take better photos
make, write and send more cards
e-mail friends more often
eat less chocolate (this is a hard one)
use up my craft-/scrap supply
knit more (finnishing the projects I have started)
make more homemade presents
do more beading
sew more (I have so many ideas...)
be better in remembering birthdays
participate in designing competitions and challenges
eat more healthy
do more gardening (keeping the garden beautiful, tidy and healthy)
keep working out and keep in shape
watch less tv (this is actually quite doable)
updating my blog frequently
Reading this, I realize it will be hard to find time for it all, unless somebody have a few extra hours to add to our 24 hours days. At least I won't have time to be bored, and that's a good thing in my book. Now my day is coming to an end, I am thankful for my husband and three little angels giving me breakfast in bed with candle lights accompanied with tones of "happy birthday" and two beautiful drawings. Who could ask for more? And I am thankful for all the calls from friends and family. It's nice to be remembered even when you turn 36. When I think about it, I had calls from Germany, Norway and Spain today. It was really nice talking to everybody. And I got beautiful dutch tulips delivered by a good friend at the door. And the present from mom and dad came by post today. Perfect timing. These are the things to remember. (I don't mind the ipod nano or the macbook Till gave me either, but it's the little things that really matter)

my birthday brownie cake that Till made all by himself

Mats' birthday drawing of a beach, sunset and all the birds flying away. It's me to the right on the beach, and the other person is little Lotte. I really enjoyed getting this beautiful piece of art.

And here is the other little artists tribute to my birthday, Jonas' drawing of colorful flowers (that's what I wished for). The flowers have faces, its raining big raindrops and we have a birthday-heart-flower aswell. Jonas is allready a great artist, only 4 years old.

And here are all the birthday presents together...


Ringshaug said...

Bra jobba, Marianne!
Døgnet har bare 24 timer, du vet det?
Bloggen din er veldig "delikat", hvis du skjønner hva jeg mener.


McMGrad89 said...

I came over here from Pencil Lines and decided to see where you started this blog from. I see that you are doing well on many goals, especially the one about watching less t.v. I don't know if I could do that one. It is always on. Hope the others are going equally well.

Thanks for sharing. I will now have to stop in more frequently.