Thursday, February 14

In the name of love

Today is Valentines day, and although we don't really celebrate it, it's worth mentioning. The boys came home from school yesterday and were talking about who they like and who they'd like to give a card to. They had obviously been talking about valentines day at school. So yesterday being a short day at school, we took the time to make some cards, and they turned out pretty good. Mats had two girls in class that he wanted to write to, Anouk and Willemijn. Jonas no less than four! Nora, Joyce, Carmen en Josefien were the lucky girls. If this is a sign of how it will be when they get older, my oh my. It could seem like Jonas is taking after his godfather/uncle. Say no more.... Well he took the time and made beautiful cards and wrote them all himself ("ik vind je lief" = "I like you"). When it came to giving the cards to the girls this morning, he got emberrassed and wanted to send the cards by post instead of giving them personally, lol. Both boys wanted to write a card to Lotte as well, but while Mats concluded it would be a waste of time (he wanted to watch tv instead...) since she can't read, Jonas , being the thinker that he is, explained that she can keep the card and read it when she is older. Go, Jonas! How did you get to be so smart?

The last days of creativity has also resulted in these LOs. I got ispired by the beautiful and colorful picture of Lotte on the table (she was sitting on the table) and wanted to memorize some of her facial expressions and what they meant.

This is a LO about Lottes happy character. She is so unbelievable bubbly and happy all the time (well, okey most of the time....). She brightens up our day.

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