Friday, February 8

knutseldag = "creative with the kids"-day

Today, following up on one of my goals for my "new life", we had a "knutseldag", which is dutch for doing something creative. Jonas and Mats were having a great time, and we made snakes, a beautiful butterfly, a colorful window, a fire truck and a ladybug on a leaf. We were all very happy with the results and the art is now making our walls beautiful.

We could really see that the spring is here today. We had beautiful sunny weather, the birds are singing loudly and happily (the sound of spring) and the flowers are starting to show in the garden. This inspire me to follow up on the goal of taking care of the garden. I took a walk around my garden, photographing all the flowers already looking out. I love this time of year.

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Mamma said...

Jeg prøver på nytt - fin blogg.