Sunday, February 10

lovely sunday

Today the sun is shining again and I am full of energie. I've allready done my bodystep work out and had a good sweat. Now I'm ready to do something creative. Following is a layout of Mats, who turned 7 in december. Inspired by all the "my friends" books he brings home from his classmates, I wanted to make a layout about his favorites at the age of 7. I figured it would be interesting to interview him about this, and as I was writing down the questions, I thought, this is something I should do every year and to all three kids. So, I sat down and designed an interview tag on my very simple computer program (works).

I enjoyed interviewing Mats and look forward to looking back on this in a few years time. The total layout turned out quite nice aswell, with photos of Mats doing some of his favorite activities.

Beeing in a sharing/favorites "kinda" mood, here's the layout I made for Tills birthday aswell. I scraplifted a layout done by Cathy Blackstone, wanting to celebrate Till for what he is (a really great guy!). I asked him about his favorite "this-and-thats" and put it all into this LO, accompanied with a birthday card and a gift certificate for a half day aveda SPA

And here's the card

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