Saturday, February 23

Start them young

I just had to blog these photos of Lotte and Jonas playing soccer in the garden two days ago. I wasn't actually planning on going out anymore this afternoon (it was unpleasently wet-cold), but suddenly Lotte brought her shoes and jacket and started to put them on. I pretty much didn't have a choice but to help her and I figured: let her go out to the garden for a while, whilst I'll watch her from the window, nice and warm. Lotte went to get the soccer ball from the garage, and then Jonas wanted to join her aswell. Lotte is crazy about balls at the moment, but she wasn't very happy about Jonas kicking the ball away from her all the time. After a while she got tired of it and took the ball and ran off. It was so fun watching them, I eventually ended up outside aswell - with camera at hand of course..... After 15 minutes Lotte had had enough and went inside again. She doesn't like to get her hands cold, but doesn't keep the mittens on either.

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MATS said...

jonas and lotte are good football players.