Monday, February 18

sunday = sun day

Yes, we had another sunny sunday yesterday, so we decided to take the trip to the northsee. We ended up in Wijk aan Zee and I was so exited about all the beautiful pictures I was going to take. So, ready to shoot my first picture the camera acted dead, and it hit me, I FORGOT TO TAKE EXTRA BATTERIES!!!! Needless to say, I was very, very angry at myself. Luckily Till had (for some reason) taken our old little badworking canon IXUS camera with him. At least I could take a few shots, but it sure wasn't the same as my Canon Rebel XT. Lesson learned! The pictures I took are posted above. Well, we still had a nice day at the beach. We enjoyed playing beach soccer and then we endulged ourselves with a well deserved icecream before we headed home again.

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