Friday, February 15

Who doesn't want a big brother?

Well, I always wanted one, and Lotte is the lucky one to have two. It's easy to see she's fond of both of them, but the bond to Jonas seems to be just a bit stronger. She lightens up whenever he's around, and tries her best (sometimes quite desperately) to get his attention. She loves it when he drives her in the dolls pram or "reads" to her or when she may sit on his lap watching tv. And Jonas is just as fond of her and is very loving and patient with her. He definately knows how to annoy her aswell, which we can then hear through the hole neighbourhood (boy, that girl can screem!!!), but most of the time, he is nice to her and doesn't even get angry with her when she ruins/interrupts his playing. I wanted to capture some of these moments, and today I finally got a good shot of Lotte on Jonas' lap. Here watching Barbapapa, Jonas' favorite tv show.

A few days ago I asked Jonas if he would read a book to Lotte while I was preparing dinner (I figured I could then be able to cook in peace without Lottes "helping hands" (so not helping....). He took this task very seriously and started reading, letter by letter. Needless to say, this wasn't exactly the kind of reading Lotte wanted, and she soon got restless. It was a moment worth digital preserving though, and who knows, in the future she just might enjoy beeing read for a little bit more. He just has to learn how to read first...

This tiger is actually mine. I got him for my 33rd birthday from my brother in law and family. His name is Kenzo and he was given to me to guard me in our big house in Portland when we lived there. He looks so real he still makes my heart jump when he turns up in unexpected places. Thankfully he is a very loving tiger, and lets the kids jump all over him, never lifting a claw.

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