Tuesday, March 4

21 challenge day 4 and lovely tuesday

Today was cleaning day. I love tuesdays. It's the one day, where the hole house is clean and unmessy for at least a few minutes.
It gives me extra energy to be creative as well, and during Lottes naptime I put this lo together. I wanted to make my first black&white lo, but these two colors alone don't really inspire me. I'm semi satisfied with it, but at least the picture is nice and the subjects of the lo are beautiful. My 4 beautiful nieces are the best nieces or cousins anyone could ask for. I love it when they're visiting and so does Mats, Jonas and Lotte.
Another good thing about tuesdays, is that I have a babysitter to watch the kids for a few hours in the afternoon. This is the day where I can get something done. I love this "free time", and I am so thankful for Gwen who so lovingly looks after the little ones.

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Maria said...

Hei, artig å se innom hos deg. Kom over bloggen din fra Rhonnas link!!! Så er du norsk og greier....
Håper du har det fint i Nederland.
Onsdagshilsen fra Maria:-)