Thursday, March 6

21 challenge day 6 using up my scrap leftovers

Today I made a lo about tulips. Tulips symbolize to me spring, color and Holland. And spring is definately here. The trees are starting to get green and there are more and more flowers about. If you like flowers Holland is the place to be. You can buy so many beautiful flowers and they're SO cheap (especially for me comming from expensive Norway!). I enjoyed putting this lo together. It doesn't apply to my motto "less is more", but it was so fun to do. And the best thing is, I used only little pieces of scraps (leftover papers). I cannot be accused of letting anything go to wast, especially papers. For all the lo's I've made for this challenge so far, I've only used scraps and old scrap stuff. In fact my last 16 lo are all made from scraps only. I have a great system for all my scraps, so I can easily find just the color I need. I can make a post about it later on, if anybody's interested.


Lene S said...

Hallo Marianne!

Takk for hyggelig kommentar på 2P :o) Kjempemorsomt med flere norske! Jeg digger AJ`en din, så gjennomført og spennende.

Likte temaet ditt for dag 6 kjempegodt. Har svigermor og svigerinne m/fam (de er norske ;o) i Nederland. Husker første gangen jeg besøkte svigermor der nede...jeg synes det var så utrolig at hun kunne komme hjem fra handletur med favnen full av blomster... Digre buketter i alle farger. Så deilig!!


Jessica said...

hello marianne! ok, so i have to admit, my german is horrible. i'm actually american, and i'm attempting to learn the language. I got most of what you said to me though. lol.

i am debating about SAG. i really, REALLY want to go, but it's costly. the american dollar doesn't go far here in europe! but maybe if i can make some extra money i'll make the trip up there.

it's so great to meet another european scrapper! take care!!