Saturday, March 15

21 challenge Jonas at 3 years

For todays LO I had to look into my "little book of Jonas", to remember what he was like at the age of 3. Thank god I made those notes. It's so fun to read about the things he said and did back then. Since we just came back from our one year stay in Portland, he still spoke quite a lot of english, like; "thanks buddy, it's boken (broken), gu gais (good guys), com'an, cool, no funny". He and Mats always played in english. Now he hardly speaks english anymore. He understands it, but wount say anything. The dutch has taken over. There is one word though, that he has picked up from me and Till. We have been "funnying" around with the word "whatever" (pronounced with brittish accent: wa'eva) after seeing a funny movie where they used it a lot. One evening when I told Jonas to put on his pyjama, I heard from the bathroom: " Ja, mamma, wa'eva". Today's LO is about him and his character at the age of 3.

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