Sunday, March 23

happy easter, god påske, frohe ostern

Yesterday we managed to do the yearly painting of easter eggs. Both Mats and Jonas couldn't get enough and enjoyed every minute. I had emptied 8 eggs, one broke before we could even start, I got to paint one and the boys each 3. Painting eggs with wet paint is not easy, and I'm impressed with how well they did. This picture shows my collection of easter eggs over many years. I try to paint a few every year and even Till has painted some of them. It's quite a collection by now, my own little beautiful tresure. (If you want to see the rest of the pictures from our painting session and the outcome, click on the picture and in flickr click on the "painting easter eggs 2008" set)

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mi@ said...

Love the pic of all the painted eggs!
We have had a lot of snow during easter too *blæh*