Sunday, April 20

Back from SIStv crop in Ede

I'm back from an all day crop in Ede, meeting up with sisters (scrapbookers from SIStv). I was so lucky to ride with Silvia (we had such a nice time in the car, that we missed the exit on the highway and drove 13 km too far - cost us half an hour extra, but still very nice!). It was nice to see the "sisters" in real life and with real names. I only know them from the site. It seemed to be a lot of creativity going on amongst the 40 participants, and we enjoyed both lunch, cakes and chocolate, mmmmm.... We had a round of "Round Robin" (Our LOs are passed around for others to add something to it, and in the end it's a totally new LO, that is probably quite different from what you would have done yourself) and that was great fun. My ended up very nice and totally different from my own style. Here some pics:

This is the Round Robin LO.

This is my crop space and the LO I was working on at the crop made from a daysyd's paper. I LOVE these new papers! I didn't finish, however. I need to remember a good story about Mats to finish the journaling.

And this is a group photo of all the sisters.


Silvitanova said...

I've had so much fun. I am so happy that we've met!

Marcia Hamelijnck said...

I had a super crop day! The Flickr-contact-thing is ok of course! But I'm not that active on Flickr though. Maybe I should be starting now!