Tuesday, April 8

My 1. pencil line sketch lay-out (no. 79)

I have discovered a challenge blog;

pencil lines that I'm going to try out. Every week they publish a new sketch challenge and every month they choose the best LOs amongst the submitters. Here's my first go called "Work in Progress". My oldest son, Mats (7), took this picture of me with our new little compact digital camera. He's so prowd that he is finally allowed to take pictures, and he managed to take more than a 100 pictures in less than 10 minutes. Go, Mats! Think we have an aspiring photographer here. I'm happy I finally got a picture with ME on it (normally I'm on the other side of the camera....)


Michelle said...

Cute page!! =) Thanks for the kind words on my blog, too! =)

mi@ said...

Så mye stilig du har laget i det siste! Gratulerer med å komme på catwalken på SIS! Velfortjent!

Mrs.French said...

Love this! and what a talented little guy you have.