Thursday, April 17

Report from a girly weekend

Like I wrote in earlier posts, I had friends visiting this weekend. It was SO nice to have you here, Tove and Gyri. Miss you already. My dear Mr T. took care of the kids all weekend so we could concentrate on sightseeing, shopping and having fun. Saturday morning we took a bike ride to a little town nearby called Huizen, where we did some shopping and had a snack at the farmers market. Yammy lompias! Then we hit the bigger city Hilversum, to get some serious shopping done. We all ended up with something (clothes) we all appreciated. In the evening we enjoyed the food at "de open keuken" in Hilversum, before we headed home. On the way back we stopped at the media house by the media park and took some interesting pictures. This is just one of them:

Sunday it was time to hit Amsterdam, and even though I've been living close to the city since 2002 (minus 2005), I haven't had the time (or energy) to get to know the capital very well. Sorry for beeing the worst guide ever!!! Thankfully Tove had brought her little book of Amsterdam with her... This sunday changed my life. I now consider me to be a much better guide for any future guests, I now know where the red light district is, I know where to find some good restaurants, I know where the flower market is and I know what sightseeing boat not to take (the one we took...). Our day ended in 300 pictures taken with two different cameras. I love the grafitti background pics. For once I am also ON some of the pictures, which is nice, considering that they turned out really good (normally I'm the one behind the lens). Thank you Tove for taking all these lovely pictures! If you are interested in seeing the rest of the photos you can click here

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Gyri said...

Det var morro å lese om besøket vårt på bloggen din, og mange fine bilder også. Jeg har lastet inn cd en med bilder på Macén og det var veldig mange fine bilder!
Klem fra Gyri