Saturday, May 31

last minute photo rescue

Who knew? Who knew that this picture could turn out so cool? I was just about to toss it, when I thought; why not give it a PSE treatment first to see how it turnes out. After all it was my only outside picture from new years eve 2006/2007. In PSE I encreased the contrast and played around with the colorvariations and saturation. I also put a digital frame on my favorite. I am absolutely amazed at the result. I love it. I hope I inspired you to try treating your pictures before deleting them next time.....
Before picture (this is SO bad)after encreasing the contrast and some redness
In colorvariations I encreased the green tones
here I have added a filter (dark outline), added red, removed magenta and encreased blue.
You like?

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Trine {Triurine} said...

Utrolig kule bilder! jeg får bare ikke til sånt der jeg!
masse lekkert siden sist jeg besøkte bloggen din også!
Takk for besøket i min og! koselig alså!
Du får slenge deg med på utfordringer på scraappemania! (link i bloggen min)