Sunday, June 15

I've been tagged - twice

So now my turn has come to get tagged, and it hit me twice - two different tasks from two different blogging friends, Mi@ and Hege T. I'll do my best at it.

Tag no. 1; answer the following 5 questions:

Her er reglene:"Hver person svarer på spørsmålene om seg selv. I slutten av innlegget gir du det videre til 6 andre personer og fører opp navnene deres. Så legger du igjen beskjed i bloggen deres, om at de er blitt tagget og ber dem lese din blogg. La personen som tagget deg vite det når du har lagt inn svar."

Rules: Answer the following 5 questions in your blog, then mention 6 other friends to get tagged, leave a message in each friends blog that they have been tagged, incl. the one that tagged you.

1) Hva gjorde du for 10 år siden? What did you do 10 years ago?

I lived in Fredrikstad in Norway, worked for a telephone company, Telenor, I was married to Till, but had no kids.

2) Nevn 5 ting du har/hadde på gjøre lista di i dag. Mention 5 things you had on your "todo list" today.

Re-organize my scrapbook room, go out for lunch with my family, update my blog, buy plastic film to protect my furniture, get some scrapbooking done

3) Snack jeg liker. Snacks I like.

Milk chocolate

4) Ting jeg vil gjøre som milliardær. Things I would do as a billionair.

Get rid of all loans. Set up some really good saving fonds for my kids. Buy one appartement in Amsterdam and one in Oslo, finish all the projects on our house and I would find 5 different good causes to support on a regular basis.

5) Steder jeg har bodd. Places I have lived.

Ringstabekk (Norway), Jar (Norway), Zürich (Zwitserland), Mannheim (Germany), Fredrikstad (Norway), Huizen (Netherlands), Beaverton (OR, USA), Blaricum (Netherlands)

I tag Mi@, Helle, Silvia, Gudrun, Lene, Ania

Tag no. 2; quote a book

Find the nearest book, look up page 123, find the 5th sentence and publish the next 3 sentences. Tag 5 persons.

So my book is Ali Edwards, "A designers Eye" and my sentences are:

"He loved that big wheel. Loved to race it around. Loved the feeling of "driving."

I tag Hege T., Trine, Silvia, Gudrun, Lene

Puh! I'm done. Hope you don't mind guys....

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