Thursday, June 26

Kitchen progress

One more day, and we will yet again have a kitchen. Who would think I would actually long for the everyday cooking? Well I do. I'm tired of eating "easy" and take out Chinese. I'm tired of cleaning everyday and still be surrounded by mess and dirt. Yesterday Till painted the ceiling. He did a great job - it's a huge ceiling - and I guess you all know how unpleasant it is to paint above you. Today he has to go over one more time. I did the kitchen walls yesterday evening, which was done in a blink. I still love the sand color we have on the living room walls, so we used it again. Can you picture how it will be when it's done? Well, just one more day......
This is what it looks like now:

Me in action. Don't you all love how you look when you have your painting clothes on?

Here are the kitchen elements, stocked up in our dining room

And here's how our living room looks like right now (well, last night). Doesn't it look cosy? I'm sure you are loving the piano in front of the window, dining table in front of the sofa and the fridge in front of the stove. If you are wondering what Till is doing: he is watching the semi final (soccer) Germany - Turkey, which ended 3-2 to Germany. As a famous german soccer player said a long time ago: "A soccer game lasts 90 minutes and in the end Germany wins.....". I was cheering for Holland, and since they were kicked out, my enthusiazm is gone.

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Koselig ..... Forn√łyd med arbeidsfordelingen?