Tuesday, July 8

ScrappeMania challenge

This is my first go at a norwegian challenge. I love the new blog scrappeMania that started out in april this year, and finally I found time to participate. This was such a cool challenge, where we had 20 titles from last weeks music top 20 (norwegian) to choose from. I chose an old norwegian classic summer hit "En solskinssdag" (which means "a sunny day") and the picture I used is SO telling the story of this song. Had fun with the LO, and used left over bubble plastic (with mini bubbles) for the paint effect, red mini tape for the title and diy tape for the frame/journaling.


Trine {Triurine} said...

så kul den var!!! PGB er stas igrunn alså!
moro du blei med på utfordringa!
koselig med kommentar fra deg i bloggen min!:)
håper du har en flott sommer!


Kristina said...

Kjempestilig!! Digger det rutete bakgrunnsarket. Hva er det?
Takk for at du deltar. =)


ToneF said...

Åh, denne var kjempestilig!!! Hærlig og sommerlig LO :o)

Artig at du ble med på utfordringa!

Tone :D