Tuesday, July 15

Two more summer memory LOs - Sunglases & Sun hats

I got started on two more favorite summer memory LOs during the crop with Danielle and Kirs last Saturday. It was really nice meeting up with two of my fellow designers from the MLS blog. Danielle is the brain behind the hole concept, owner of the shop and the one who asked me to join. Do you recognize your little frame, Danielle? Ha, ha, I found use for it already. Now at home I could finish the LOs, with the finishing touches, like journaling and sewing.
On the Sunglasses LO, I used a crocheted piece that my grandmother made me (supposedly for a scarf, but I prefer it like this - I mean I LOVE it like this...). The frame is cut with Danielles Big shot machine (I don't own any die cut machines) and colored with oil pastels. Love the effect it gives. The title is hand cut felt.
And here's the sunhat and galabeia LO. This little cute hat is from the time when Till lived in Egypt (when he was 3 to 10 years old), and it used to be his. It is SO cute and all three kids have worn it and loved it. The galabeia (maroccan long shirt) Till bought on one of his trips to Marocco when Mats was little, and has been used by all kids as well. The boys now have bigger ones to use on the beach after swimming. They all love their galabeias and look so cute in them. I used strips of painted DIY tape as frame and cut out little round felt frames to highlight two photos. The little brown stripe with the holes at the bottom, is first painted with acrylic paint, then colored with oil pastels. It looks like wood, but that is hard to see on the pic. I'm so happy I found this box of Oil pastels (similar to crayons, only with more pigment), and I use them all the time.

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D@nielle said...

Oh wow, love how these turned out !!