Monday, August 11

Take a pic challenge - GLASS

Todays challenge is to photograph GLASS. Here are my entries. My favorite must be the "Vine with a view" picture, which was taken by my husband while staying at the most gorgeous beach house I've ever seen; located at the Neskowin beach on the Oregonian cost. Just look at that view... and the pic is taken whilst sitting on the sofa in the living room...need I say more?

This is a glassy part of downtown Portland, OR.

Beautiful artsy glass in Almere, Holland

Another Portland pic taken at a photo workshop with Peter Schütte, a dutch photographer living in Portland. This is a mirrored glass building where you can see other buildings reflected in quite an artsy way. I took loads of cool pics at this workshop, and this is one of my favorites. TFL!


Me said...

I like vine with a view too - it is easily my favorite here.

Mandy said...

Wow, these pics are really perfect!! That beach sounds and looks good to me!

Evi said...

Gave foto's!!

merideth said...

gorgeous beach! (although i prefer the hot sand to the cold)

i haven't heard of "take a pic" before, but i need to improve my photography, so i'll be checking it out next.

have you finished your august 12-of-12 layout yet? can't wait to see it!