Saturday, September 20

Bad girls academy, week 2

Well, with the Scapawards going on (you can actually vote until the beginning of october), the bad girls academy moves on to week 2 and a great class of mixing patterns, by Emilie Ahern. I had loads of fun putting together this LO with colors found also in the picture. I picked the red from the tulips to work as "eyecatchers" (title, strip of fabric, button, stip of paper). Loads of sewing on this LO. The journaling is about how I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful tulips my good friend Alette gave me for my birthday, but was interrupted by the attention seeker Lotte. She was 19 months in the picture, and she climbed up on the table and started posing in front of the tulips. No doubt who should be in the center of attention here, nooo....

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