Thursday, September 4

Dutch Dare #47 - A moment in dutch history

This weeks challenge was quite difficult for me, not being dutch and all... But, as I was looking through my photos, to see if I had something I could use, I found a picture with the year 1583 in it. With this in mind I started looking for an historic moment in that year. I found out that William I of Orange, also called Father of the fatherland, married his fourth wife this year. I also found that he was killed the year after in his house in Delft. As it happens I did have photos from our trip to Delft in 2002, and decided to use these and make a LO about the day he died and his fascinating last words; "My God, my God, have pity with my aim and the poor people!" For those of you who do not know who he was, he played a big role in the independence battle for the Netherlands in the 1600 century and the 80 years of war against Spain and king Filip II. The spanish king had put a price on Williams head and offered money and glory to the one who killed him. On july 10th 1584, a man called Balthasar Gerards, managed to meet the prince in person and shot him three times on close hold. William was only 51 years old. As you can probably understand, I was very captured by this story and really enjoyed researching about this great man. Check out what the other girls did here. For this LO I used a basic grey design paper from the Sugared collection and a book page from an old german book.


Mamma said...

Kjempeflott LO, Marianne, og så fint med litt historie også, da!


Aquarell said...

Utrolig facinerende historie, og en flott LO!:D