Sunday, October 19

ManiaRunway week 2

Those of you who red yesterday's post, probably understand that I was pretty tired and didn't get much done today, especially scrapbookingwise. Lotte seems to be better now and is sound asleep, cross your fingers that it will stay that way. Still there was one highlight today, and that was the runway show at ManiaRunway. It's always exciting to see what the other girls put together, and boy did they deliver this week. The show ROCKS! The assignment was to use paint, hand stiching and a STOCKING! I don't think I have to mention which part of the assignment was the biggest challenge, or that most of the participants did have a hard time getting started at first, but the outcome is FANTASTIC! 36 LOs using stockings and they look really great! The judges will have a hard time picking 30 moving on to next week and even harder time picking out this weeks winner. Anyhooo, here's my LO. Lot's of colors again. I used a piece of one of Lottes old panties as a frame for the main picture and I love the dimension, texture and splash of color that gives. Used a toothbrush and paint for the background, some machine sewing and of course hand stiching. The pink edges are also painted. As for the colors, I have an absolute color match in this LO, since the stockings Lotte is wearing in the pictures, is the very same stocking I cut up and used on the LO. I also took good use of things learned in this weeks DYL class, and allthough this LO doesn't look anything like Cathy Zielskes LOs ever will, I used her design principles, repeating color, repeating elements, repeating texture, I even have a visual triangle. Can you spot it? These are principles I have used before, but not as concious as now.


Evi said...

Wow! Ik vind hem prachtig!

Beate said...

Næh, for en stilig layout!! Du har en stil som er lett å like :)

D@nielle said...

yep see the triangle ! very cute lo !