Thursday, October 16

ScrappeMania and scRapp #5 and huge sale at MLS!

As I am a guest designer at ScrappeMania this month, I've also made a LO for this months scRapp, where we lifted a girl called ceggo. This is my LO, one more for my collection of favorite summer memories. This was a quicky, made in no time. I used papers from one of my Scarlet Lime kits.

Also if you are dutch and reading this, Danielle is having a huge sale in her Memory Lane Scrapbooking online shop. She is making room for new stuff, so you should definitely go and check it out and make some bargains. 


Vibeke said...

Denne likte jeg!!! Stilig LO:)

ania said...

Kjempelekkert - diggbare farger! :) :)

D@nielle said...

LOL I don't know how to do quickie lo's, it doesn't look it, like the colors you used !