Sunday, November 16

Maniarunway week 6!!!!

I cannot believe we are in week 6 already! Week 6!!! Only one more to go and we will know who wins this thing. Wow! I was very happy and honored to see that I was one of the 7 semifinalists last sunday, so thank you girls! So many talented participants.

We had such a cool assignment this week, to make a low cost LO, no more than 30 Nkr (which is like 4 euros (?)), priced after Maniarunways rules. I think most of my LOs already go under that category, as I normally don't use to much stash and I tend to make my own embellishments and letters instead of prefabricated stuff. It makes me so much more free in the design process. And I love to re-use, and use things that we normally toss away or just have laying around the house. This makes me a bad "throw-awayer", which is good for the environment, ha, ha. I believe that scrapbooking is something anyone can do, and should do, even if they don't have too much money to use. Don't get me wrong, I love just as much as any scrapbooker to buy new fabulous papers, rub ons, stickers, flowers, stamps, and, and, and... but, as cool as all this stuff is, that is not what this hobby, or call it lifestyle, really is about. It's about preserving our memories, giving our pictures a story, making sure it's not lost to the generations to come. It must be the most meaningful hobby in the world. And most fun. And most giving. And most addictive..All the beautiful scrapbooking supplies we can buy to execute this great hobby are a plus, but not neccessary. Anyway, that's how I see it.
And, back to this weeks assignment, we were not allowed to use bazzil cardstock or design paper as a background, and we had to use a shoe lace somewhere on the LO. I tried to keep the cost as low as possible, but using the 9 making memories tiny alpha letters cost me 9 kr and the 2 different colors of paint that I used got me 10 more (5 kr per color), even though the use of paint was minimal - those were the rules. This means a total cost of 19 Nkr or 2,5 euros, which is ok. I used a piece of cardboard as a background (the free kind), a notebook paper to mat the pictures, some masking tape and felt for the title and frame. All free stuff. I used my sewing machine a lot and paint to tie everything together. Talking about tying, for the shoe lace I made a row of holes with my crop-a-dile, painted the lace orange to match the title and threadded it through the holes. Cool effect, that I just might do again sometime.
About the story of the pictures and the title (= a beautiful couple). This is the sight that met me when I entered the boys room at bed time one evening in july. They were playing "getting married", don't ask me where they got the idea from. Anyway, they looked very cute - and funny - and I had to run an get the camera to preserve this precious moment.


Silje said...

Kjempetøff LO med utrolig artige bilder...!! Flotte detaljer.

Jeg liker den litt "enkle" stilen din, der bildene kommer i fokus...!

Anne Kristine said...

Likte denne veldig godt og var helt sikker på at denne gikk videre. Du er så flink til å få mye ned på et enkelt og stilfull måte. Liker stilen din. Masse inspirasjon å hente i bloggen din. Håper det er greit at jeg linker deg til min blogg.
Ønsker deg en flott dag.
klem fra Anne