Monday, September 29

Pencil line sketch # 103

I made a pencil line LO again, and this time I used it for one more summer memory, vegetable garden. I'm very happy with the little self made border on the right side. The red embroidery stitch was done with my sewing machine. Cute isn't it?

Sunday, September 28

Yippeee, I won!! - eh not the Scrapawards folks...

So, I've been baking my favorite cheese pastry and norwegian buns (boller, yam) today. Loving my new kitchen. The boys joined in to make a salad that Mats learned at school, with cucumber, apple, carrot and raisins. Their new favorite. Check out the picture, how prowd Mats was, hi,hi. Now, taking a break from all the baking, for a little blogsurfing, I got a very nice surprise when I checked out the ScrappeMania blog. Hey, I won the journaling challenge!!!! How cool is that? It sure made me very, very happy, and I can't wait to get my hands on all those cool tags from Elle's studio. Talking about ScrappeMania, big things will happen in october, so be sure to check it out (that is, if you can read norwegian...hi, hi). On october 6th, Mania Runway will start, and I am signed in and ready to go. It sounds like SO much fun. If you can read norwegian and you want to join, you still have until oct. 3rd, to sign in, so, what ARE you waiting for??? And now, take a look at this little toothles guy.....

Last thursday, when I came back from swim lesson with Jonas, I found the table beautifully laid with plates and forks and a cute bowl of Mats' selfmade salad. He was SO prowd, and it was really delicious. He had done the cutting all by himself, I was really impressed myself.

Friday, September 26

12/12 challenge september and a blog candy

Yet another month and yet another 12th has passed, so here's this months 12/12 LO. I did a simple one this time, just felt like it. And, I wanted to use my new calender stamp....

And, on the norwegian challenge blog ScrappeHuset there is a fun fun challenge going on, however this is only for norwegians (or those who can read norwegian..ha, ha). It's called "forumUtfordringen 2008" and if you are one of those who can read norwegian, you should check it out. And if you put this blogcandy on your blog, you stand the chance of winning the fantastic christmas collection from 3ndy papir.

And this is what I found in my mailbox the other day. It certainly made my day. Loads of papers from chatterbox +++++. I won it by posting on the scarlet lime blog some time ago. How cool is that???? Did I already say how much I love Scarlet Lime???

Wednesday, September 24

The art is found - cardboard challenge

I had a go at the art is found challenge to use cardboard this week. I used a 12x12 piece of cardboard as a base for my LO and tried out a painting technique that I saw on Ã…shild Ruuds super inspiring art journal blog. First I painted the piece with yellow paint and let it dry, then I put on a thick layer of green paint and while it was still wet, I made circles with the hard end of a pencil tempting to make them look like a wood pattern. The effect that you get is kinda like negative embossing and looks really cool. And SO fun to do! I know I'll do this again. I finished the LO with my three centerpieces (MJL = Mats, Jonas, Lotte in case you were wondering) and voila!

Tuesday, September 23

ScrappeMania challenge - journaling

This is a last minute go at the journaling challenge at ScrappeMania that expires today. I just love this picture of Till and me, and I wanted to play around with it in photoshop. First I distressed the disturbing background with a brown brush and then I filled in the whitespace with the journaling in my favorite font at the moment, typewriter. A little bit hard to read on this picture maybe, but it's ok in real life. The journaling is about how I love to dance with my dh and how we danced the day we met - and of course how much I love him. Just had to get it out... The rest of the LO is very simple, as I wanted the focus to be on the picture and journaling.

Monday, September 22

Guest designer at Hobbyhimmelen

I have my first assignment as a guest designer this month. I met Helle at Scrap-a-ganza in june and she really is the sweetest person. When she asked me if I would like to be a guest designer for Hobbyhimmelen, well, I said yes of course. She sent me a great set of products to design with, and it turned out to be quite a challenge, since it was all vintage products and I don't consider myself a vintage scrapper. I did manage to put 3 LOs and 5 cards together from the kit, and still had left overs. I used pictures of Till (my husband) when he was little on the LOs, and they fitted the projects perfectly. He was SOOO cute back then!!! Here's what I made:

Saturday, September 20

Bad girls academy, week 2

Well, with the Scapawards going on (you can actually vote until the beginning of october), the bad girls academy moves on to week 2 and a great class of mixing patterns, by Emilie Ahern. I had loads of fun putting together this LO with colors found also in the picture. I picked the red from the tulips to work as "eyecatchers" (title, strip of fabric, button, stip of paper). Loads of sewing on this LO. The journaling is about how I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful tulips my good friend Alette gave me for my birthday, but was interrupted by the attention seeker Lotte. She was 19 months in the picture, and she climbed up on the table and started posing in front of the tulips. No doubt who should be in the center of attention here, nooo....

Thursday, September 18

Here are my scrapawards LOs

you might wonder why I am suddenly aloud to put my LOs out here. Well Scrap! has not managed to put up the information and the LOs on their site yet, and they said it's ok to put them on our blogs now, so people actually can see what they are voting for. So, here they are. Please, please take the time to vote, if you like them.... The information about how to vote is in the following post (yesterdays post). And remember you can actually vote as many times as you like.... (I think it's weired, but those are the rules)

LO 1: Make a project with 10 or more pictures

LO 2: Show us your style

LO 2: Pick and use one technique (I used distressing)

LO 4: Close up and personal, use a close up picture

LO 5: journaling; show emotions

LO 6: Who are you? Make a LO about YOU.

Wednesday, September 17

Voting site is open!!

Finally it's possible to vote for the Scrapawards title. So, if there is anybody out there who thinks I deserve it, please vote??? Unfortunately all the information is in dutch, but if you want to vote anyway, just follow these steps:

1. click on this link

2. fill in first your name, then your e-mail address, then the place where you live (this is all to avoid fraud). You may fill in your phone number, but it's not necessary.

3. then you click on the name you think should win (me maybe?? ha, ha)

4. click on the "stem nu" box, and you have voted

It says you may vote as many times as you wish, and the voters can also win prizes, so you've got nothing to loose here..... I'm figuring I have a very small chance to win this thing, as I don't know that many dutch people, so I'm really depending on your help here. Still, only if you think I deserve it, of course.
There will be a gallery of all the LOs on the site too, but as for now they are still working on that.

And here are today's garden pictures. We harvested our first ever squash, loads of berries (more than on the picture, ha, ha) and Mats had a garden carrot on the go.

Saturday, September 13

Bad girls Top Designer 2008, week 1

Bad girls kits are having a new round of Top Designer 2008. It's 6 weeks of free design classes and assignments and in the end there will be one winner called Top Designer 2008. I've decided to join in. Seems like a lot of fun. In week one we are to make a LO with two different kinds of layering. I loved working with the new Roze Moka papers for this LO and really enjoyed the layering. I also layered the letters in the title, but had to sew them on to prevent them from falling off. Very happy with the design effect it gave. TFL!

Wednesday, September 10

And the nominees are.....

...this has been my little secret for almost 3 (!!) months, and finally it's official: I AM ONE OF THE 5 FINALISTS IN THE DUTCH SCRAP AWARDS!!!!! If you wonder what the Scrapawards is, it's a scrapbooking competition arranged by the magazine Scrap! and the winner gets to call herself "scrapbooker of the year", wins a huge box of scrapbooking supply and will be guest designer for the magazine. I feel like I've won already, beeing in the top 5, so anything more than that will just be a huge plus. I hope some of you out there will vote for me - but only if you think I deserve it, of course. Here's the link to where you can vote, but as far as I can see, it's not working yet. The link is Hope they will sort out the link problem soon...... I'm not allowed to show the submitted LOs, but a few sneakies should be fine ... When we bought the magazine at the grocery store today, I picked up the magazine from the shelf and showed my pages to Jonas. The first thing he saw was his own picture looking back at him and he looked at me and said "hoe kan dat?" which means "how can that be?". Lotte took a peak as well and enthusiasticly said "jojo!" Kinda made my day......

Tuesday, September 9

Dutch SIStv crop #4

On Sunday there was a dutch SIStv crop again - for the fourth time - and again it was organized by Silvia. This time Marcia and her shop de creatie in Veghel joined in on the hosting and it was the best crop til now in my eyes. Great location and a yummie lunch, see picture beneath. I was a vegetarian for the day (joining Silvia) and it was delicious!!! Marcia had put together goodiebags for everyone and she had prizes to win. Guess who won??? I was just saying to my Norwegian scrapbooking friend, Helle, "I never win, anyway..." and I hear my name said out load. So I did win. I won "the me book" by Autumn Leaves. Cool. And even more funny, later on the day, there was more drawings, and Helle said "I'm going out for some "fresh air", I never win anyway...", and the second she left the room, her name was said out loud. She won a "designing with fabric" book... Hmm! I had a great time at the crop, mostly chatting with my two neighbors, Silvia and Helle (it was really nice to chat in Norwegian again, Helle...), but I also got to meet Evi from my DT for the first time. Just as nice in person as in her mails... I managed to (almost) finish one LO made from Marcias "Get Inspired" kit and one photo swap LO for Linda Loe. She made me a great LO of Mats, I'll try to upload a pic of it later (have to take the pic first, ha, ha). Hope you are ok with the LO I made you Linda.... I found it really hard to design a LO with somebody elses pictures. I missed the connection to the picture and the story behind it, so if you don't like it, I'm sorry... Think I'll stick to my own pictures in the future...

Thank you Silvia and Marcia for a great event!!!

My favorite photo of the day. Silvia and me photographing our vegi design dinner...
There were 33 scrapping ladies...

If you ever wondered what a crop looks like.....
this is what I almost finished...

if you wonder what Helle looks like... Believe me, she is just as sweet in person as she looks like on this photo
Silvia arranging the photo swap....

Thursday, September 4

The art is found - music sheet challenge

I've had my first go at a the art is found challenge. This week Kerry Lynn Yeary challenged us to use a music sheet. It turned out pretty artsy and I really like the colors in this LO. The picture is of my youngest son and his best friend playing the piano. They are SO cute together.....TFL!

Dutch Dare #47 - A moment in dutch history

This weeks challenge was quite difficult for me, not being dutch and all... But, as I was looking through my photos, to see if I had something I could use, I found a picture with the year 1583 in it. With this in mind I started looking for an historic moment in that year. I found out that William I of Orange, also called Father of the fatherland, married his fourth wife this year. I also found that he was killed the year after in his house in Delft. As it happens I did have photos from our trip to Delft in 2002, and decided to use these and make a LO about the day he died and his fascinating last words; "My God, my God, have pity with my aim and the poor people!" For those of you who do not know who he was, he played a big role in the independence battle for the Netherlands in the 1600 century and the 80 years of war against Spain and king Filip II. The spanish king had put a price on Williams head and offered money and glory to the one who killed him. On july 10th 1584, a man called Balthasar Gerards, managed to meet the prince in person and shot him three times on close hold. William was only 51 years old. As you can probably understand, I was very captured by this story and really enjoyed researching about this great man. Check out what the other girls did here. For this LO I used a basic grey design paper from the Sugared collection and a book page from an old german book.

Wednesday, September 3

Pencil lines # 100 !!! Congrats! and a "unique" challenge at Scrappehuset

Pencil lines is celebrating their sketch #100! Congratulation girls! This weeks beautiful sketch is provided by Kelli Crowe! I was SO inspired by this sketch that I immediately sat down to design. At the same time there is a "unique" challenge at scrappehuset to use alternative scrapbooking supplies with "unique" as the theme. I thought I'd combine these two challenges, so I made a unique sketch LO, hi,hi. I just love to work with circles, and here's what I came up with. Used a lot of stuff from my scarlet lime kits. Fabric, hand cut felt title and elements and lots of buttons are my unconventional items. Hope you like it, TFL.