Thursday, October 30

Look what I digged out today and a blog candy...

Today I finished this weeks entry for ManiaRunway, and boy did I have a quirky assignment this time. All participants have to make a LO with a song title as title and everyone got one specific song adressed to them. I got "TEENAGE DIRTBAG"!!!!!!!! I guess you all would like to give that a Well,.... I had to dig out some old embarassing photos of me in my teens. The scariest part is that these pictures are taken 20 (!!!) years ago. 20 years! Anyway, I am not allowed to show the LO yet - that will have to wait till sunday - but I'll show you the pictures of me, to prepare you for sunday...ha, ha. Please be nice to me.... The first picture is from 1987, the second from 1988 and the last from 1989 (I was 17). Nothing more to say about that....
And over to something completely different. Beate, a really cute and tallented, norwegian scrapbooker is having a blog candy, so if you want the chance to win some great stuff, you should check it out.

Wednesday, October 29

Pencil lines #108 and some weekend pictures

I did it inspired by yet another pencil line sketch. This weeks sketch is based on circles, and...... well, I have a thing for circles, so..... I used some of my latest favorite photos of Lotte and Jonas. Loads of sewing, fabric, felt, ribbon and buttons on this LO.

And here are some of the things we did this weekend:

I sewed on fabric! I plan to make most christmas presents myself this year, and this is my first project, a bedding set for Lottes dolls bed. Cute isn't it? Made in a few hours. The bed is handmade by one of my neighbors.

Here are Till and Lotte making "slow food". Ha, ha. You need a LOT of patience to let Lotte in on the cooking preparations. They do look cute though, eh?

I made delicious norwegian sweet buns with soya milk for the first time. We are trying to figure out if Lotte might be allergic to cow milk. The buns tasted just as good as with ordinary milk, so no problemo there. The next day, they were all gone. In the background you can spot Till making dinner...My man...
We made our traditional pumpkin "monsters". Ooooo, scary....

And this is Lotte, ready for "kindergarden", at 8:15 on monday morning after 1 week of vacation. School starts at 8:30, and we never leave before 8:25, but this girl is SO ready to go back to "school" she walks around like this for 10 minutes while waiting for the rest of us

Sunday, October 26

This weeks ManiaRunway LO and a dyl LO

Another week of Maniarunway assignment, and here's my entry this week. And here's the runway show with loads of great designs again. The assignment was to scrap your busy everyday life, no pictures with people in them, only stuff that symbolize your daily activities. I had enough symbolic pictures that really spoke for them selves, and kept the LO simple. I finally found use for those die cuts and mini's that I purchased while living in Portland. I especially love the little table set with fork and knife. So cute isn't it? And the pacifier is kinda cute too. It symbolizes life with a busy two year old, who thankfully still takes a nap in the middle of the day....

I decided to show one of my LOs that I did for Cathy Zielskes class as well. It's pretty basic and it's based on a sketch, so it does not really have a WOW factor, but I just love the picture and the story about Mats' love for books right now. And that's what this LO really is about; getting the story told.

One little word at ScrappeMania and quiz-time at MLS

It's time for a quiz at the MLS blog with a chance to win something.

"Nothing" is this months word at ScrappeMania. This is the LO I made as a guest designer for the challenge, and it's about my dh. The journaling is behind the picture and the frame is black felt, which looks really cool in real life, but it's hard to see on the pic. It's an all Scenic Route LO (except the felt).

And here are a few of my fave pics from last week:

Thursday, October 23

Some more good news!!!

I was very, very, very happy and pleasantly surprised, when I was told that my LO was picked as one of the favorites for the pencil lines sketch #100. It was the supertalented Ania that picked me, so many, many thanks to you girl!!!!! Sketch #100 was provided by Kelli Crowe and is my absolute favorite sketch to work with so far. I guess I love circles...

Tuesday, October 21

Some good news!

I am being published in Creating Keepsakes!!!!! I am SO excited. I am not allowed to tell which LO, so that will have to remain a secret until....MARCH 2009! Yes, I know it's a looong wait, but that's how far ahead they plan. Anyhoooo, this little message did make me quite a bit happier today, after having another tough night with Jonas being sick and throwing up, Lotte feeling way to good and awake in the middle of the night AND moi getting sick as well this morning. Thankfully I had a babysitter AND I did get my dh back today, so I was allowed to stay in bed most of the day, feeling sorry for myself (ha, ha, I am feeling better now). I actually did get one more happy message today, but that will have to wait untill tomorrow..

Sunday, October 19

ManiaRunway week 2

Those of you who red yesterday's post, probably understand that I was pretty tired and didn't get much done today, especially scrapbookingwise. Lotte seems to be better now and is sound asleep, cross your fingers that it will stay that way. Still there was one highlight today, and that was the runway show at ManiaRunway. It's always exciting to see what the other girls put together, and boy did they deliver this week. The show ROCKS! The assignment was to use paint, hand stiching and a STOCKING! I don't think I have to mention which part of the assignment was the biggest challenge, or that most of the participants did have a hard time getting started at first, but the outcome is FANTASTIC! 36 LOs using stockings and they look really great! The judges will have a hard time picking 30 moving on to next week and even harder time picking out this weeks winner. Anyhooo, here's my LO. Lot's of colors again. I used a piece of one of Lottes old panties as a frame for the main picture and I love the dimension, texture and splash of color that gives. Used a toothbrush and paint for the background, some machine sewing and of course hand stiching. The pink edges are also painted. As for the colors, I have an absolute color match in this LO, since the stockings Lotte is wearing in the pictures, is the very same stocking I cut up and used on the LO. I also took good use of things learned in this weeks DYL class, and allthough this LO doesn't look anything like Cathy Zielskes LOs ever will, I used her design principles, repeating color, repeating elements, repeating texture, I even have a visual triangle. Can you spot it? These are principles I have used before, but not as concious as now.

Saturday, October 18


On my own with 3 little ones. 3 more days till dh comes home. 3 more days with all three kids home all day (vacation time). DH gone for more than a week in Singapore and China! One ill little boy with high fever, one heavily coughing little boy who is bored because his brother wount play, one VERY active two year old, full of bs (bullshit) and making sure her mom will not have ANY energy left at the end of the day other than to watch tv, and writing this blog post. So, I'm off to watch a movie in bed. Have a nice saturday evening!
Edited: and one little two year old getting sick and throwing up all evening, poor little one....
Edited 2: ...throwing up ALL night and I felt SO sorry for her. It was so painful and exhausting....

Thursday, October 16

ScrappeMania and scRapp #5 and huge sale at MLS!

As I am a guest designer at ScrappeMania this month, I've also made a LO for this months scRapp, where we lifted a girl called ceggo. This is my LO, one more for my collection of favorite summer memories. This was a quicky, made in no time. I used papers from one of my Scarlet Lime kits.

Also if you are dutch and reading this, Danielle is having a huge sale in her Memory Lane Scrapbooking online shop. She is making room for new stuff, so you should definitely go and check it out and make some bargains. 

Wednesday, October 15

MLS sketch #10 and some Roze Moka!

So, here's my LO for this months MLS sketch challenge . To see the sketch, click here and I hope there are a few of you that feel like participating, dutch or non dutch. I'd love it if you dropped me a line if you do. For this LO I used one of my favorite papers at the moment, Roze Moka. The paper and the pics are so beautiful, I had to keep it simple. A little paint, some sewing and voila! The other girls have amaizing LOs to show and they all used the sketch in a different way. That is SO cool!

Speaking of Roze Moka, look what I got in the mail on saterday! It's my prize for my win on scrappedugnad back in september. The prize was sponsored by scrappejungelen and I LOVE it! Look at those colors! This put a huge smile on my face this weekend. As it turned out it was the last win ever on this blog, as the girls at scrappedugnad decided to end it after that, which is really sad, but understandable (they have a lot going on). You can also read more about the challenge and my LO here .

Monday, October 13

MLS Sketch #10 - sneaky

We have a new sketch challenge comming up on the MLS blog on wednesday. This time I made the sketch. My firste sketch!! Yeah! So be sure to check in on wednesday. Here's a sneaky:

Sunday, October 12

Honorroll at ManiaRunway!

Today was the first ManiaRunway honnorroll! The first weeks assignment was a HUGE challenge for me, since we had to use a picture I thought was horrible. We also had to use a coffie dying technique and real stamps. It was the last thing that got me going, since I have loads of beautiful stamps just waiting to be used. I got my color inspiration from these stamps as well. Since I didn't like the picture, I did my best at (for once) not making it the focal point of the LO. I changed it to black and white, printed it on craft cardstock and used the coffie dying technique on it. The stamps symbolize the 5 countries I have lived in (there is one stamp from every country; Norway, Zwitserland, Germany, the Netherlands and USA). And the title and the text says; I leave a peace of my heart in every place I have lived, which is really how I feel. There are and always will be things I am missing in every country and city I have lived and they will always have a special place in my heart.

Thursday, October 9

Five random facts about me you might not know.... I'm taking this GREAT class about blogging at SIStv, done by the wonderful Kimberly Brimhall. I've been wanting to bring my blog to the next level designwise for a long time, just didn't quite know how to. Well, this class gave me a kick in the right direction, so keep stopping by in the weeks to come, there just might be some changes around here...

..and as for the title of this post. I've gathered 5 random facts about me that you might not know or believe for that matter....ha, ha. So, here it goes:

1. I have a bachelour degree in economy, taken in Mannheim, Germany but currently I work as a SAHM (if you don't know what that is, well that's to bad.....hi, hi)
2. I have lived in 5 different countries and speak 4 languages fluently
3. I hate doing laundry
4. I was on the "babe list" in "highschool"
5. I could count on one hand the times I've watched TV the last 9 months!

So, do you believe these things? Are you shocked, are you like "whateva". I'd LOVE to hear what you think.

Wednesday, October 8

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..... just might wonder; do I not know it's only october and we do not sing christmas carols in october... Well, the thing is, I DO know it's october, BUT I'm really just thinking about christmas and all the things I want to do before then. Making christmas cards is one of those things, and what better month but october do we have, to start making those holiday cards you normally do last minute? Why not just get it done now, and have more time to do all those other things you need to do? For this very reason, I made a bunch of cards to show on the MLS blog. SO if you want to get some ideas or just some inspiration, please go ahead and take a look. My favorite products from this project must be the Toga Scrapbooking letter stickers. You get both black and white squares in one package and LOTS! of stickers. They really go a LONG way (and they stick bether than other similar stickers, not mentioning any names....). AND I'm loving the craft (cardstock). And the Hambly rub-ons, and.... Here's an example of what I made:

Tuesday, October 7

Grape talk and one more DYL lay-out

Here's my bonus assignment LO for Cathy Zielskes class. The challenge was to make a LO with a color combination (blue, yellow, orange and brown) and I LOVE those colors - very "autumnlike". I did use her sketch as a base, but in my very own way. And for once the LO is about me.

And since it IS autumn, I wanted to share these pics of Till making wine - well not really wine, but juice from grapes and grape liqueur. Beeing from Norway, I think I appreciate having grapes at the front door just a tiny bit more than others. You just don't have grapes hanging over your doorway where I come from, the summer is too short. And this year we had SO many grapes comming from just this ONE plant - and Till didn't want the birds to get all of them, so inspite of having the flue (he's not very good at beeing ill) he desided to make "wine". I didn't manage to take a pic of the finished product, but I think he got more than 7 litres out of it. Not bad from just ONE plant....
This container (below) was filled to the edge.
This is the plant and our front door (hidden behind all the plants....)
And don't forget to check in on the Memory Lane Scrapbooking blog tomorrow. We have a project, and this time I did it..... something to get you in the christmas spirit....

Sunday, October 5

Guest designer at ScrappeMania!!

Guess who is guest designing at ScrappeMania this month??? Well, if you guessed me, you guessed right. I LOVE that challenge blog and I have been a fan from the very beginning. So, it is a huge honor for me to be guest designing AND challenging some of you out there. If you are non norwegian speaking, but still would like to do the challenge, I welcome you to join. I have a RAK for the winner, norwegian or not. The challenge is as follows:

Make a LO with something old (older than 3 years), fabric, something handmade and where you either stich by hand or use your sewing machine. Sound hard? No way, just look what I did. I used an old fabric from a bed sheet that used to be mine (as a little girl) and sewed it on. The buttons are sewn on by hand (you could do either one). The journaling block is my hand made thingie. So you guys, get at it, do your best. I can't wait to see what you come up with. And be sure to check out the fantastic LOs the Mania girls put together here. And remember to post the link to your creations on the Mania blog, not here. I'd love a comment about it here as well, though...

Design your life - week 1

I have finished the 2 first assignments for the DYL class with Cathy Zielske. All about balance this week and the LOs are based on Cathy's sketches. It's quite a different way of designing than what I have been doing lately and kind of going back to how I used to scrapbook in the beginning, but I still love it. It's classy and timeless and doable. I've tried to make it more me, by sewing and using paint. It's such a good way to use multiple photo's and foto's that are hard to fit into a looser design. In the journaling I'm trying to focus on what these pictures are about, what they mean to me and how they affect my life.

Friday, October 3

Designing my life

One of my first scrap idols back when I started scrapbooking, was Cathy Zielske. Her simple graphic designs and her amazing journaling still inspire me and the way I design today. I wish I could be as good with words as she is, but as I know that's not gonna happen, I consentrate on trying to be as good a designer as she is, but still in my own style. This is why I have signed in for her online class "Design your life" on Big Picture Scrapbooking. It is actually a 12 weeks(!!) class, so I'll be following this all the way til christmas day (dec. 25th) - as if I didn't have enough other things to do before christmas, ha, ha. The first class started yesterday and we are allready signed up to make two LOs based on two of her sketches. This is something I will have to attend to a little later this week, as I am very occupied with making 9 (!) LOs for Creatief met foto's this weekend (deadline is monday!!!). But I did do the preWork assignment last week, so here it is:

Thursday, October 2

DD # 48 - lift a dutch scrapbooker

Finally another dutch dare! We have done some changes to the planning on our dare blog, and from now on there will be a new DD on the first wednesday of the new month, once a month only. This gives both you and us a little bit more time to finish the dare. There will also be a sketch and a project or a technique once a month, and always on wednesdays. All this information can be found in the column on the right side of the blog. This months dare is to scraplift a dutch scrapbooker, so you really can't go wrong with this one. I lifted Marcia Hamelijnk, who's work I have always admired. I love her use of colors, and chabby shic style. And I wanted to finally try my new gesso, which is why I decided to lift this LO . I know I made a LO with this pic before, but I couln't find a more perfect photo for this project... Don't forget to check out who and what the other girls lifted here...