Sunday, January 18


Hello?? I'm still here...just droppin' by to say I'm busy, busy, busy. Trying to re-organize my house and life, making it simpler and more effective. We're taking one room at a time, starting with the boy's room and bought them new beds. Looks great! I'll show some pictures later this week. Simultaneously I am cleaning and re-organizing my scraproom, and oh, that is SO much more work. If I ever finish that project, I will take pictures and show, but I'll promise nothing, ha, ha.

Last week piale gave me this award:

..and this one from Lene Thank you, both of you! I am very honored every time someone pass me an award. And I am such a bad "on-passer"....the time...., but to honor all my new design team mates I pass the first award to my Mania colleagues: Camilla, Tone, Anita, Kristina, Renee, Heidi, Kathrine, Mi@, Kine and Brita.

Edit:I just spent half an hour to link to every body's blog and then something happened and all the links where gone. Iiiiik! Not happy! Sorry, but I do not have time to do that again.

The second award I pass on to the complete Papirgleder team. So many talented ladies! I'm off to clean up my space....

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