Sunday, January 11

ScRapp #1 2009 at ScrappeMania

Lots of firsts today. First mania-challenge of the year, first scRapp of the year, my first lay-out of the year, my first ever creation as a DT member at ScrappeMania and my first ever project using a clothes hanger. We have hi-jacked Anne Kristine's awesome calendar this week. I used my Scarlet Lime october project kit to make a door hanger to welcome our visitors. I used an old wire clothes hanger and two IKEA clips to hold the lo. I took a strip of lace and glued it on a strip of cardboard and connected it to the LO with wire rings. Then I threaded some pieces of wire with beads and buttons (all included in the kit) and attached them to the lace. It was quite hard to photograph the lo in one piece showing all the little details, so I attached some close ups. Check out Anne Kristines calendar and the cool stuff the other maniagirls did on the blog.

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almadr said...

It's really beautiful - I love the lace and beads and button finish.