Friday, February 27

My first art journaling attemts and Lotus Paperie - last challenge

Yes, it's Friday. Love Fridays....Like I mentioned in my last post, I am taking Dina Wakely's art journaling class 102 right now. ME LIKE!!!!!! We are on week 1 and so far we have learned about motifs, masking, image transfers and altering photos artistically. I have played around with acrylic paint, gesso, oil pastels, and my favorite medium at the moment; Maya Mist. This takes the glitter mist 10 steps further, and there is NO limit for what you can do with it. Most important, most of them are NOT glittery, which I like. I don't know how I managed without them before, I really don't. I have already made and played a lot, made a mess, got inky fingers (and jeans), learned SO much. Some of the projects will take several days to finish, some will end up in the bin and some might end up as backgrounds. I have two projects to show. They were done in very short time, but I just like them the way they are and don't feel like putting more stuff on them.

And today was my last entry as a guest designer at Lotus Paperie:( This weeks challenge; use doodle circles. Mine might be hard to spot, but they are right there on the scalloped edge:). Thank you for letting me play, girls. It was an honor!

The layout is for once about my best man and how happy and thankful I am that he is mine. Especially after the plane crash episode two days ago. He was booked on the plane following the one that crashed, same company, same place, same day, same destination just a few hours later. He had even considered to re-book the plane and take the earlier one so he'd be home with us earlier. Thank God he didn't get around to it. He would have been on the plane that crashed.......Needless to say, wednesday was a strange day for us and we were both really shaky and very, very thankful.....

I used the "Get Inspired Kit" from Marcia Hamelijnks kit club (which unfortunately was her last kit ever) for this layout.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to enjoy life, you never know what happens....