Saturday, February 21

the next generation scrapbookers

My husband is not too happy about this, but I have gotten my boys hooked on scrapbooking as well:). Everytime we go somewhere they get to pick and buy a post card from and about the place and then they make a page or two about it. So they cut, glue, write, draw....looks like they enjoy it...

I finally got to test my new camera and lens, so these are some of the first pictures I have taken with it. There are SO many possibilities with this camera and SO many things to learn, so I wount be bored for a very long time (like I am ever bored). Needless to say, I am VERY happy with it.

And this is Lotte playing with playdough. It's amazing how concentrated she is, and how long she can sit still and do this. Normally she's up and about ALL the time, but with dough in her hands, she can go on for hours. The only problem is stopping - not a good thing. And of course the mess...


Torill said...

Min største gutt (8 1/2) storkoser seg med scrapping også! Han leger ikke ting lengre - han scrapper:-)
Kos dere videre med scrappinga!!

merideth said...

awww, we need more manly man scrapbookers! they're so cute!

T:o)ve said...

Jo yngre jo bedre!
Det dabber av med årene ser jeg, så det er greit å få noen tidlige vaner ;)
Ha en videre deilig helg!

Jill said...

Så koselig å gjøre noe sammen sier nå jeg da :-)
Ler litt da, min mann er nok heller ike overbegeistret når gutta vil klippe og lime med meg.
Ha en riktig fin siste uke i februar!!!
Jeg gleder meg til vår!!!!!