Monday, February 16

Past is catching up with me....

Last week I re-connected with an ex-college and friend from way back (I'm talking more than 10 years way-back...) thanks to Facebook. Facebook is a good thing, as long as you don't let it take over your life, if you know what I mean. I like to stay in touch with both family and old and new friends, and that can be hard at times. Facebook is helping me and is actually saving me time. So, if any of you ask me to be your friend on facebook, I'll say yes, ok? Ok! Hey, I'm even friend with Donna Downey (ok, me and 1540 others, but so what?:))Anyway, back to this old friend. Her name is Milla Flesche and she is an artist. She makes beautiful jewelry. She just finished her website yesterday, and I actually got to be her first customer, and this necklace is what I bought. Can't wait to get it....If you feel like checking out her store this is the link . It's worth a peak. Have a nice day! I'm off to play with my new canon 5d baby..... Just might show some pics later....I'm in love......:D

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