Sunday, February 22

Published winter layouts

Good evening! Thought I could share some layouts from my last assignment for Creatief met foto's, december 2008. It was an article about winter photos now and then, using the basic grey granola line. I had to make 7 layouts and I had 1 weekend to do it, so, yes I had a busy weekend... Luckily I was told to lift two of my older layouts, so that saved me some time:) That also explaines if you feel like you have seen some of these layouts before (the 2 last ones). The 2 first layouts were also published in the february issue of the Norwegian magazine Vi scrapper, (which unfortunately is stopping after this issue- not happy about that).

Now, about these layouts, this is me, scating for the first time, back in 1975.

..and this is me and my family on a typical Norwegian skiing hike, drinking hot chocolate and eating oranges, easter 1980

And here are my boys on skates for the first time. We went skating on the fjord outside Oslo, Norway on the first day of the year 2008. What an awesome experience!

And here is little me again. Skiing in the garden back in 1976. I scanned the pictures from the album my mother made for me, and included her handwriting beneath the pictures. Those hard to spot snow cristals (on both sides of the title) were sewn on by my sewing machine. Me like...

And here are my boys on skis for the very first time. Mats loved it and couln't get enough, but Jonas didn't last very long, stating "he fell to much". Just so typical Jonas, our little perfectionist.

And here is the last layout; with my husband as a little boy on his mothers arm. I love this picture...

Have a good sunday and week.....