Sunday, March 8

Art journaling 102 - layering and spring is REALLY here!

Today was a perfect spring day and we took a huge clean up in the garden. LOVE it, when I finally can start doing my garden again. The flowers are peaking through the leaves and making me HAPPY and full of energy. The kids each got a bucket to sow herbes and flowers in. Jonas found a caterpillar to keep as pet and made a house for it and Lotte was biking and playing and helping out the way only a two-and-a-half-year-old can help. We baked bread and my favorite buns, also called "skoleboller" in Norwegian. And after all that, Till took the kids for a bike ride, which ended in a spring clean up of all the bikes, and I got to finish some pages. So, really we had a great day so far. Now over to Art journaling.

This week at Dina's Art journaling class is all about layering, so I have layered and layered and layered and..... Well, our assignment was to make pages with at least 10 layers, and here are the two pages I did. The first page is about how much I love and look forward to summer right now. The layers are gesso with texture, 2 layers of paint, sanding, paint effekt with lace as mask (lime green spots), spray paint with the tree as mask, spray paint with a tree as a stencil, monoprinting the "grass effect" (white stripes), monoprinting the apples and the flowers, addhering the butterfly, sewing and some oil pastel effects as a finishing touch.

Here you can see some of the textures that I made in the gesso with duplo and lego blocks and the sewing effect:

And here's my second page about me as a teenager, questionning if I was really happy. I started out with gesso, making circle strokes. Then I added green paint also in circles, then a layer of orange circles, a layer of stamped red dots (lego block) in the middle, I monoprinted a pattern with red shapes, but it's hard to spot underneath the white plastic wrap stamping layer. I then masked the sun and sprayed with orange ink, then glued the stripes of masking paper, added text, transfered the image of me as a teenager. The last layer was a sewing effect in circles around the hole page, but I didn't like it and removed the thread again. So now it is full of little holes, but I like that.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great sunday evening!!!


Jill said...

Vanvittig kule bilder!!!!
Det er SÅ gøy å klissje og klæsje med maling!
Vi hadde besøk av Celine Navarro på PG igjor og hun lærte oss masse kule teknikker!
Ha en kreativ uke!!!

Dina said...


D@nielle said...

wow i love the 1st one !