Tuesday, March 31

Back from PACS Italy...

...and I have to admit; a bit tired, but very, very happy and inspired. I had a great time, met SO many nice and friendly people, had awesome classes (eight in total), made new friends, the organizers worked their bottoms off and arranged fun challenges during the evening crops and little presents for everybody. On Saturday and Monday we enjoyed summer temperatures of about 25 degrees, Sunday was pretty awful with rain and storm. All the better that we had to stay inside and scrapbook. When I finally arrived on friday night, I met up with 6 other Norwegian girls, who I had never met before, but just after a few hours one could think that we had known each other for years. Takk Elin, Tove, Anita, Monika, Turid og Cathrine for en fantastisk helg! Var mye gøyere med dere der.....

My favorite teachers of the weekend were, without a doubt, the lovely Lory, the übercool Celine, the great Emily Falconbridge (with her cute family) and the very talented Manu. I did all of Lory's classes and now have 3 awesome projects to finish. It might take a while to finish them though, ehem... The only project I actually managed to finish was Emily's "Top ten" class, a cool album with my 10 all time favorite photos and I almost finished the layout from Celine's technique class. I look forward to finishing Manus pop-up family album as well. I didn't find time to upload my photos yet, but I can at least show the layouts that I made before hand for the challenges. I actually won two of the challenges, competing against 40 other great layouts. Kinda cool!!!!!!! And yes I was very happy. The first two layouts are the winning los. The first for the "glitter challenge" and the second for the "technique" challenge (we had to use gesso, acrylic paint, an old book page and fabric).


Anne Kristine said...

Utrolig flotte LO'er!!!
Gratulerer med seieren og forstår godt at du vant!
Masse flotte detaljer og teknikker du har brukt på disse.
Ønsker deg en superduper dag.
klem Anne

manuscrap said...

Hi Marianne :) !!! thank you so much for your lovely words :)!!!!
you won because your pages are simply gorgeous!!! It was very nice to meet you: hope to see you again ;)

Pallina e Sonia said...

I was so happy to have met you!!!!!
Hope see you soon!
You are a fantastic scrapper!

laetitia said...

hi marianne!!! i was so happy to meet you! i'm very glad that you won 2 challenges (i voted for you!) because your layouts were SOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!! i like very much your style.
i'll take a few minutes to visit your blog.
could you please thank monica for the gift she offered to me?
aufwiedersehen, küssen!

ninabakke said...

Du er fantastisk flink! :)

Ta en titt innom fotoverden ;)

polinka said...

these are all beautiful!!
(I also can't wait til... you know what :) lol )