Friday, March 13

Isn't this the cutest...

...little boy you have ever seen? Now, you might think that this is my little Jonas in his new pair of knitted "lederhosen", but then you would be wrong:) This picture was taken over 60 years ago. Can you believe it? Can you guess who it is? Well it is my father in law, and today is his birthday!


I could watch this picture over and over again. It is SO beautiful. Back in those days pictures like these were rare, so this is a tresure no money can buy. His father earned money by taking pictures of neighbours and friends and took beautiful pictures of his little boy. He wasn't excactly a photgrapher, but in todays world he surtainly would have been. Anyway, today is Wolfgangs day. All the best from all of us!

And I did find the time to make this little book for his birthday. I found some older "My minds eye" papers (anybody remember "wild asparagus"?), which I still love and put together a little book about him. It is called "Du bist..." and describes his many sides in pictures and words. I wount show to much now, so it will stilll be a surprise....

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T:o)ve said...

Gratulerer med bursdag til svigerfar! Herlig bilde som nok må scrappes tror du ikke? ;)
Ha en videre deilig helg :)