Thursday, March 26

My studio on a thursday - part 2

Yes, it's thursday, and I promised you some detailed pictures from my studio. Today I'll show you a smart calender sollution and an idea for an inspiration board or photo displaying.

With my increasing work- and assignment load throughout the last months, I found the need for a big and accessable calender. I looked around my studio to find a place to put it, when I got the idea to use the door. Fortunately for me the door is painted with high gloss paint and therefore works perfectly as a white board. I took a big ruler and drew 2 black calender grids and filled in the different assignments with a red whiteboard pen. Every month I wipe out the red in the month that has passed and fill it with the up comming month's "todo's". Works perfectly and I didn't miss a deadline yet!

I also have a perfect place for all my "extra-photos". I painted the wall beside the door with magnetic paint, so every time I have photos left over that I like, I put them there and keep them in place with magnetic numbers. As you can see, it's getting a bit crowded....This would work perfectly as an inspiration board as well....

Hope these tips can help some of you reading this in some way. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions and tune in next thursday for more tips.


T:o)ve said...

Herlig studio, som jeg har sagt før :o)
Skulle ønske jeg hadde det like romslik og ikke minst ryddig..... *stønn*
Ha en fin dag!

~Kjersti~ said...

Oi! Takk for tips!! Kan jeg spørre hvor man får kjøpt denmalinga?

Marianne Hope said...

Jeg kjøpte malingen i en slags Maxbo butikk, hvor man får all slags maling, men det var selvfølgelig i Nederland. Vil tro at dette finnes i Norge også, men jeg kan dessverre ikke hjelpe deg mer enn dette. Det heter Magnetmaling (inneholder jern og en liten boks er forferdelig tung)