Thursday, March 19

My studio - on a thursday

I have been thinking about this for a long time, but never could find the time to do it. Thinking about what? First of all I was thinking about cleaning and re-organizing my scrapbook space. Secondly I was thinking about taking pictures of the room and all the little smart (in my opinion they are) sollutions. And the last thing I was thinking about, was to make a weekly serie about this on my blog. Well, a few weeks ago, I managed to finally clean up the space and re-organize big time. And I took lots of photos of it. So starting today, every thursday in the weeks to come, I will post about one thing from my scrap space, like where I keep my scraps, how I organize my papers, stamps, stickers, and so on. Hopefully things that you might like to hear about. Here goes first week's entry; images of my scrapspace. No detaile pictures today, just the hole thing. Gosh, it looks so nice cleaned up. Of course it only took me minutes to make a total mess again, and it certainly doesn't look like that anymore.....sigh!


T:o)ve said...

Flott hobbyrom du har Marianne :o)
Skjønner godt at kreativiteten blomstrer der!

Rainy said...

Wow this is wonderful! What size is your room? I don't have any room for things on my walls because of all my stamps. I can't wait to see next weeks.

HegeT said...

Gosh, for et flott hobbyrom du har.Og for en orden...*sukk*
Men heldigvis er du vel som meg....stortsett kreativt kaos....*haha*...
Gleder meg til å se detaljebilder..


Silvitanova said...

This is big! i love tha way you've stored your paper!