Tuesday, April 21

Clean & Simple mini class at ScrappeHuset

The Norwegian online scrapbooking magazine ScrappeHuset has asked me to host a free mini class in clean & simple style this month. It went online today and it looks good:). Unfortunately the text is in Norwegian only, but you can use a translating gadget on your browser to translate it into your own language if you are interested. I just installed the toolbar on both my browsers (explorer and firefox) and use them a lot on foreign pages. It's a good thing. In the text of my article I explain about the use of design principles and how I use and incorporate them on my layouts. It was actually a very interesting process for me too, writing about it and I learned a lot about my own working process. Knowledge about the use of design principles helps a lot when you scrapbook, regardless of what style you use. I find that I am much more secure about what I do and work much faster since I got these rules and principles down. So please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. You are always welcome to e-mail me if you have any questions. This is the layout I made for the class:


ToneF said...

Super artikkel du har på Scrappehuset!!! Så bra skrevet og supre forklaringer! Jeg liker så godt sånn som du tenker når du scrapper, alt har en mening. Og så digger jeg jo LO'ene dine :o)
Denne var intet unntak!!!


sausan said...

Congrats! This is way cool! Love the page! Great little Workshop!