Thursday, April 2

My studio on a thursday - part 3 scrap storage

Can't believe one week passed already and it's "studio-thursday" again. Where does the time go??? Well, here goes today's tip; how to storage your scraps. I keep all my scraps in wooden Ikea drawers. I hate to toss design paper and I LOVE to use scraps on my projects. They have to be really, really tiny before I toss them. To be able to find the paper that fits my project perfectly, I figured out an easy access system organized by colors. In total I have 4 drawers, one for blue and green, one for white, one for black, brown, grey and one for red, pink and yellow. And it's placed right there on my desk, so I can reach it from where I am sitting. I use these scraps constantly and for almost every project I make. Hope some of you got some inspiration from this tip and please let me know if there is anything special you would like me to show you from my room. If you are new to my site and wonder what this post is about you can read about it here and last weeks post here.

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