Monday, April 13

Pencillines # 129

It has been a long time since I had the time to use one of the Pencil lines sketches, but last weeks sketch really got me going while working with my Label Tulip March kit. So I actually made 2 layouts based on the sketch. The first layout gets me smiling every time I look at it. Looking at my sad little Jonas. He really is the sweetest boy and most of the time very happy and smiling all the time. But, on photographers day at the creche (this is back in 2005 and he was 2), he got his best shirt on, they made a beautiful setting, but they just couldn't bring a smile on his face. And believe me, they tried. But when Jonas doesn't want to smile, he doesn't want to smile and nobody can make him. Needless to say, I did't put this picture in a frame and up on the wall, but I loved to make a page about it.

And then I made this page, which isn't really my style when it comes to papers, but I still like it in a way. It definately fits the picture, which is me and my baby brother back in 1978. We have just picked some spring flowers for mommy. Those outfits are just mindblowing, especially my brothers yellow and brown set, that my mother made and the perfectly matching hat, knitted by my aunty. And because of that very present picture and background paper, I couldn't bring myself to put a hole lot more embellishments on this layout. The wood part, is plastic film with wood pattern from the hardware store, the letters are american craft and the paper and border is sassafras lass.


ania said...

Nydelige tolkninger av skissa :) :)

Simona said...

Wow, totally love the pps and the colors of the second one :-)!