Saturday, May 16

Pictures from my classes..

Hi, I'm just popping by to say I'm still here. Been a bit busy lately, and working a lot with photos and other stuff. Thought I could share some pictures from my classes last weekend. I learned one thing, and that is to take more and better photos of the participants creations next time. They made SO much good stuff, so I am sad I can not show more now. These are pretty much the best pictures this time around, the rest turned out a bit "blaah". So if you feel your picture is missing, I'll do better next time. Sorry!

First up is a pic of one of the participants from my Friday class, where I taught about using basic design principles when you are designing/building a layout. The participants could choose from 3 different sketches and make a layout based on it using the principles. All participants were beginners (at least that's what they said), but they all made really awesome stuff, so I'm not sure I believe them... Look at this cool layout...I love it!

And here is Vibekes travel journal. I love her version of it...

And here are some layouts from the glimmer mist class. The participants made SO much awesomeness, all in their own style, and I wish I had more samples to show. There are just no limits to what you can do with spray paint and glimmer mist. On the first layout Vibeke sprayed the frame around the layout and stamped the tree with a paper tree with mist on it. It looked like it was painted with water color and looked really nice and artistic. I can mention that the layout is not finished yet on this pic, so it was even better

and this is a glimpse of a beautiful feminine, pinkish, flowersish layout, first using the handcut flowers as mask, then including the masks on the layout. She wasn't done when I took the pic, so that's why I couldn't make a better picture.
and here you can spot (if you look closely..) the layouts of one participant who managed to make 2 layouts with one mask, one boyish and one girly.

Thank you everybody who participated in my classes. Hope to see some of you again in August... I'm off to see to the kids who have been watching tv with Tom & Jerry. I can hear them giggle all the time..... Have a great weekend ...and don't forget to vote for Alexander and Norway tonight (Eurovision song contest....)


Julia said...

Skulle gjerne vært med på et av dine kurs, kanskje en annen gang :-)
Jeg fikk uansett litt inspirasjon fra deg igår, TUSEN TAKK for bladet. Spørs om jeg blir fast leser, syns det var bra!

Ønsker deg og dine en fin kveld og 17.mai hvis dere feirer!

Gro S said...

Jeg var med på lørdagkveldskurset ditt. Og det var kjempegøy. Jeg har ennå ikke gjort ferdig min stjerne LO, men en dag......
Tusen takk for en kjempeinspirerende kveld!!!!

Gro S.