Sunday, June 28

Hipp hipp hurra! For Lotte har bursdag i dag!

Happy birthday to my little "baby" who turned 3 today! Can't believe that four years ago, I wasn't even thinking about having another baby, or that she three years ago was this tiny little "raisin" making an entrance in quite a sudden, surprising but good way, or that two years ago she was running around like crazy driving her parents crazy, or that one year ago she finally got the concept of having a birthday and getting presents and how great it was. Well, today was another day in Lottes history, knowing the moment she woke up that today is her birtday. She knew she would get presents and that mommy had made her cakes and that she would be the princess of the day. And what a day it was! The weather was definitely smiling to us so we could enjoy the garden at it's best. Lots of yummi food and cake.....So here are some images:

How old are you?

Lotte and the birthday train:

just a natural pose....(very Lotte)

some of the most popular presents:Here's our little princess of the day. This is the princessy tulle skirt that I made her, together with her pyjama and her new swim shoes and princess crown. What a match!

Todays Pavlova. Mmmmmm!
here's another favorite present; hello kitty
blowing out the candles...

All in all a great day with good friends. Thank you for making the day extra special!


Julia said...

Gratulerer med vel overstått! Hun er utrolig søt den vesle jenta deres! Nydelige kaker også!
Klem fra Julia

sausan said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!

pattyo said...

Oh, this looks like a fun day. What a pretty little girl!