Saturday, June 13

Some photo tips...

Hi, there! Just stopping by to say that I will be posting tips about photography every once in a while on my photo blog. I posted my first tip just now with some cute pics of Lotte and the strawberry harvest of the day:) Aren´t those strawberries just SO much tastier when they come from your own garden? A result of your own "sweat and labor"? We are having a very social weekend, barbecuing with friends both today and tomorrow. Good food, happy children, happy parents....Have a great weekend!


sausan said...

Sweet pic and TY so much for the tips !! Posted about it on the Blog :)

Julia said...

Takk for tipset. Prøver stadig å bli en bedre fotograf, men det er jammen en "stor verden" det også ;-)
Ha en flott dag!