Tuesday, June 23

What we did today....

These are just a few of the things we did today. I finished this gift for Lottes teacher, who is retiring this year. I made the tag with Sausandesigns papers and stamps (SingSpring, sweet tweet paper and flowers and borduere stamps)
Lotte found some hidden treasures in the staircase (stuff I had found around the house and was suppose to bring upstairs). I love my new hallway and staircase, btw. We just renovated it and painted the steps white and the walls sort of warm beige. I just finished the gallery last weekend and finally got some of the kids' art up on the wall. Makes me happy...

I finished editing the pictures of Silvia and her gorgeous belly. The rest can be seen here.
We had one of my favorite soups for dinner; potato soup with bacon, fish and olive oil, mmmm. Best thing with this soup, is that it fills you up for the rest of the evening. No looking around for sweets or other unhealthy temptations an hour after dinner..:)Jonas wrote greetings for his teachers, as they are celebrating a joint birthday tomorrow (like we didn't have enough other things going on at the moment....)
...and I made the gifts; goodie bags with Italian nougat (it's SOOOO yummi). Used all sausandesigns products again (same as above). Me still like! I'll have a little tutorial on how to make these goodie bags tomorrow, if I manage to find a missing cable for transferring the pictures from my little minicamera - don't use it to often....)

And my dh spent the evening working outside, but not getting his hands dirty - AND while enjoying a glass of wine. Oh, don't we like the modern world....?

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sausan said...

Wonderful shots, Marianne, and I so love your goodie bags :)The tag looks wonderful, too. Great idea that adds sweetly to any gift given!