Saturday, October 24

A visit to the Norwegian opera and ballet in Oslo

A few months back, during one of our stays in Norway, we went to see the new Norwegian opera and ballet that is located in the heart of Oslo and is quite an astonishing building. As my Uncle works there we were lucky to have him guide us and show us the fun and fascinating backstage scenes and rooms. It was SO interesting to see what happens behind the curtains and get a glimpse of what technicalities and preparations are needed for a show/performance. The outside of the opera is unique and cool, and architecturally and photographically very interesting, as I am sure the pictures beneath will show:

my boys on the "roof"

Mats in the painting room (where they paint the backgrounds for the different scenes)

Jonas between the paint buckets.

when the scenes are painted, they copy little pictures like these and transform them into a huge scaled painting. Not an easy thing to do.

Here are the dresses prepared and ready for the Swan lake ballet. I loooove these....

Mats is looking around the backstage and finding many interesting things to keep an eye on.

Fascinating architecture details from inside the opera

Here is Mats testing one of the seats inside the hall,

and then a fun technical detail from somewhere backstage

And here an overlook picture of the hall. Looks kind of cool without all the people in it...

Mats and Jonas outside. This pic shows how the building is placed close to the water and the buildings around are being mirrored in the windows.

Have a great weekend, dear readers!!!


Pia said...

Så mange flotte bilder du har tatt!

Isabell - Taranita said...

virkelig tøffe bilder du har tatt i den nye operaen. Jeg elsker bildene dine, og du MÅ komme til Bergen igjen en gang for å bare ta bilder også, da stiller jeg gjerne først i køen med meg selv og barna=)

LilleAsk said...

Så flotte bilder du har tatt. Operaen er virkelig lekker (og det er fantastisk fint å se en opera eller ballett også). Dere er virkelig heldige som fikk komme bak scenen også og kikke.

McMGrad89 said...

Whoa! That tenth picture (white architectural detail) is such a magnificent perspective. I love it.