Wednesday, December 9


Christmas time is closing in on us. Anyone getting stressed??? I can assure you, I am. On top of all the usual Christmas preparations, I have one dh turning 40 in two days and one ds turning 9 in ten. One of the Christmas traditions we have, is the making of gingerbread cookies, and the kids LOVE it. Fortunately we managed to find time to do that on Sunday, so now I only have to find time to decorate them. Probably today...... Here are some images to give you some inspiration and maybe motivate you to do some baking. Today's Christmas calender challenge at CASAkreativ is just about that; take pictures of your Christmas baking and try to capture the mood and the emotions. You can see it was a family happening and I think it is pretty clear that they enjoyed it..... Happy baking...


Lula said...

Jeg elsker bildene du tar, de har en egen glød over seg.

Ha en flott førjulstid med familie og venner!

Klem Lula

Isabell - Taranita said...

se her ja, kjempe flotte bilder.

Håper dere får en fantastisk jul alle mann


McMGrad89 said...

Yummy! I don't bake, but I will send you a picture of what will be making as soon as I do. :-)