Saturday, February 28

My first article at Papirgleder - Clean & Simple - a simple thing?

Translated: Clean & Simple - a simple thing? I have written my first article for Papirgleder and their "Kreative sider". Yeah! It's about Clean & Simple scrapbooking design and it's in Norwegian, so I guess it is less interesting for those of you not understanding this fantastic language:) You could still go ahead and take a look at all the layouts and designs though. Think there are over 20 different layouts displaying the different design principles and rules, in a more "freestylish" way than what you normally find in this category. I also got help from Annette and Hanne who supplied me with some of their beautiful layouts. Please let me know if you get something out of the article and please share if you make something based on the principles I mention. I'd love to see! I'm off to pick a winner for ScrappeManias "ELO #1", so if you participated on that challenge you should check it out in 30 minutes or so. Have a great Saturday!

Friday, February 27

My first art journaling attemts and Lotus Paperie - last challenge

Yes, it's Friday. Love Fridays....Like I mentioned in my last post, I am taking Dina Wakely's art journaling class 102 right now. ME LIKE!!!!!! We are on week 1 and so far we have learned about motifs, masking, image transfers and altering photos artistically. I have played around with acrylic paint, gesso, oil pastels, and my favorite medium at the moment; Maya Mist. This takes the glitter mist 10 steps further, and there is NO limit for what you can do with it. Most important, most of them are NOT glittery, which I like. I don't know how I managed without them before, I really don't. I have already made and played a lot, made a mess, got inky fingers (and jeans), learned SO much. Some of the projects will take several days to finish, some will end up in the bin and some might end up as backgrounds. I have two projects to show. They were done in very short time, but I just like them the way they are and don't feel like putting more stuff on them.

And today was my last entry as a guest designer at Lotus Paperie:( This weeks challenge; use doodle circles. Mine might be hard to spot, but they are right there on the scalloped edge:). Thank you for letting me play, girls. It was an honor!

The layout is for once about my best man and how happy and thankful I am that he is mine. Especially after the plane crash episode two days ago. He was booked on the plane following the one that crashed, same company, same place, same day, same destination just a few hours later. He had even considered to re-book the plane and take the earlier one so he'd be home with us earlier. Thank God he didn't get around to it. He would have been on the plane that crashed.......Needless to say, wednesday was a strange day for us and we were both really shaky and very, very thankful.....

I used the "Get Inspired Kit" from Marcia Hamelijnks kit club (which unfortunately was her last kit ever) for this layout.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to enjoy life, you never know what happens....

Wednesday, February 25

ScrappeMania and "et lite ord #2"

Hi, just popping by, taking a break from making art with acrylic paint, spray ink and motifs. I just wanted to let you know about the new little word of the month coming up on ScrappeMania today. The word is "HEART", so most scrappers should be able to work with that, don't you think? I made a layout about my 3 little heart breakers and every time I look at this picture I can't help but think about how lucky Lotte is to have two older brothers who loves her so much. And I still heart Rose Moka....:) (background paper and letters). For some reason I wanted to use a wooden piece that I have had laying around for ages, so I actually built this LO around that piece (beneath the picture). The frame is hand cut felt and sewed on and so is the little heart. And the flower is a plain white prima paper flower, sprayed with lime glitter mist and added some tulle, paper and a button.

I used hidden journaling on this layout, 'cause I couldn't find a good spot for it anywhere else:). It's a tag dipped in coffee, so it looks old and worn.

and here's a detail picture of the piece of wood (it's from a basket that comes with berries during summer, not sure if this is a dutch thing??)

and here's a better picture of the flower.....

TFL!!! I have to go back to my art. I am taking Dina Wakely's art journaling class for the next 4 weeks, and I am loving it!!!! Big time! I'll show and tell more later....

Sunday, February 22

Published winter layouts

Good evening! Thought I could share some layouts from my last assignment for Creatief met foto's, december 2008. It was an article about winter photos now and then, using the basic grey granola line. I had to make 7 layouts and I had 1 weekend to do it, so, yes I had a busy weekend... Luckily I was told to lift two of my older layouts, so that saved me some time:) That also explaines if you feel like you have seen some of these layouts before (the 2 last ones). The 2 first layouts were also published in the february issue of the Norwegian magazine Vi scrapper, (which unfortunately is stopping after this issue- not happy about that).

Now, about these layouts, this is me, scating for the first time, back in 1975.

..and this is me and my family on a typical Norwegian skiing hike, drinking hot chocolate and eating oranges, easter 1980

And here are my boys on skates for the first time. We went skating on the fjord outside Oslo, Norway on the first day of the year 2008. What an awesome experience!

And here is little me again. Skiing in the garden back in 1976. I scanned the pictures from the album my mother made for me, and included her handwriting beneath the pictures. Those hard to spot snow cristals (on both sides of the title) were sewn on by my sewing machine. Me like...

And here are my boys on skis for the very first time. Mats loved it and couln't get enough, but Jonas didn't last very long, stating "he fell to much". Just so typical Jonas, our little perfectionist.

And here is the last layout; with my husband as a little boy on his mothers arm. I love this picture...

Have a good sunday and week.....

Saturday, February 21

the next generation scrapbookers

My husband is not too happy about this, but I have gotten my boys hooked on scrapbooking as well:). Everytime we go somewhere they get to pick and buy a post card from and about the place and then they make a page or two about it. So they cut, glue, write, draw....looks like they enjoy it...

I finally got to test my new camera and lens, so these are some of the first pictures I have taken with it. There are SO many possibilities with this camera and SO many things to learn, so I wount be bored for a very long time (like I am ever bored). Needless to say, I am VERY happy with it.

And this is Lotte playing with playdough. It's amazing how concentrated she is, and how long she can sit still and do this. Normally she's up and about ALL the time, but with dough in her hands, she can go on for hours. The only problem is stopping - not a good thing. And of course the mess...

Friday, February 20

Lotus Paperie again and challenge #112

It's friday again, and time for another challenge on the Lotus Paperie blog, where I am guest designing this month. We got to work with a really cool sketch this week. My layout started out as a normal hands-on LO, but ended as a hybrid, as I wasn't quite happy with it. The element with the photo, text and scallop is from the paper LO, and the rest is digital. I don't remember where I got the background paper from, but its from the RowenaF_noteworthy collection. I added the "2" symbol (since Lotte is two in the picture) and the different black elements.

And don't forget the lift challenge where you can lift one of my all time favorite LOs and win great prizes. I'd love to see what you come up with.

Tuesday, February 17

Slumdog Millionaire

It is not often I make it to the movies, but when I do, I love it. When the movie is great, I love it even more:). Last Friday Till and I were lucky to get the very two last tickets to the premiere of slumdog Millionaire here in the Netherlands. If you have not seen this movie or even heard about it, you can get an idea here or here. It was tragic, funny, sad, shocking, exciting, romantic all at once and the music was fantastic. In fact I loved the music so much I had to have it on my play list, so if you wonder what that music is playing in the background, well it's from Slumdog Millionaire. My new favorite movie. One I will definitely watch again.....

Monday, February 16

Past is catching up with me....

Last week I re-connected with an ex-college and friend from way back (I'm talking more than 10 years way-back...) thanks to Facebook. Facebook is a good thing, as long as you don't let it take over your life, if you know what I mean. I like to stay in touch with both family and old and new friends, and that can be hard at times. Facebook is helping me and is actually saving me time. So, if any of you ask me to be your friend on facebook, I'll say yes, ok? Ok! Hey, I'm even friend with Donna Downey (ok, me and 1540 others, but so what?:))Anyway, back to this old friend. Her name is Milla Flesche and she is an artist. She makes beautiful jewelry. She just finished her website yesterday, and I actually got to be her first customer, and this necklace is what I bought. Can't wait to get it....If you feel like checking out her store this is the link . It's worth a peak. Have a nice day! I'm off to play with my new canon 5d baby..... Just might show some pics later....I'm in love......:D

Sunday, February 15

Do you like circles???

...I LOVE them, so this weeks challenge at lotus paperie was perfect to get my mojo goin': use handcut circles.

Happy Valentines day.....

... I know valentine's day is technically yesterday, but to me it still feels like saturday night, so here it goes... I was going to post this card for my dear Till today (well, ok yesterday), but I had a crazy day and somehow I got caught up in other things and time passed midnight. Sorry! Love ya!

Thursday, February 12

scRapp #2 at ScrappeMania

We're having another round of hi-jacking at ScrappeMania this week, and this time around we lifted one of Norways most talented and funky scrapbookers, Ania. L O V E her style and love the layout we decided to lift. Just what I like, simple and eye-catching. We were lucky to be sponsored by Shabby Chic Crafts and their cool tags, and I decided to do my own twist with them. I made little crepe paper flowers with the tags in the center. For the biggest "flower" I actually used two tags, one with the yellow edge, and then I used the back of another tag to stamp the date stamp and glued it on top of the yellow edged tag. The background is just white cardstock, sprayed with lime green glimmer mist. I masked the journaling part with masking tape before spraying, leaving a white background. And I used yellow tape to frame the picture. The layout is one more for my collection of favorite summer memories, and is about farmers markets in the summer and all the lovely, tempting vegetables, fruits and berries you can find and how I always buy to much. Mmmm, I want it to be summer NOW, TODAY.....

Monday, February 9

finalist at fotoverden...

hey, one of my photos is a finalist at fotoverden, yeah! You can vote for your favorite here. And really, you don't have to vote for mine unless it IS your favorite, but you should vote for one of the beautiful entries at least. You can vote until Feb. 11th., so.... Here's my my blogpost and entry , and this is the picture that is in the final:

Sunday, February 8

What a day....

I really had the bestest day yesterday. Pampered and spoiled all day long. Here are 10 pictures to show and tell.....I got breakfast in bed, incl. self baked croissants (!) and fresh orange juice... (the picture looks pretty weired, but it was really bad quality due to bad lighting, so I decided to make it look funky instead...kind of retro)

Then I was sent of for a half day SPA with a hole body massage (mmm). Here I am, ready to go....
....and here's my time out place with a view. This is the lounge, where you stay in between sauna visits or massage treatments. I really love that place. You just read or sleep or play a game or you do absolutely nothing, it's gorgeous....(I was reading about photoshop, he, he....)

This is the entrance of the spa. Makes me wanna go right back.....

Here's a sign of spring from the restaurant where I had a delicious lunch. The sun was peaking through the clouds and really made all the difference. I got faith back that spring is actually around the corner.
Here's a peak at some of the presents I got. Drawings, picture of a present that didn't arrive on time, croqueted flowers from my grandma, the lovely rose I wished for (my Till really is a romantic...). There are some books missing in the picture. Got a very funny book from my father in law (already started reading it, and I love it....) and an inspiring book from BIL and family (brother in law).
After SPA, it was cake time. Till had baked it all by himself (he really outdid himself on the baking and cooking aspect this time), and the kids couldn't wait......

....Lotte really couldn't wait so she went ahead and took some pieces around the edge while Till was on the toilet, leaving the cake looking kind of interesting..... Here she is showing me her crime...
Here's the cake. Till had cut a masking "M" out of paper to make the M. Shows he has his creative sides too... And it was delicious......mmmmm.... (can you see the weired edges?)

..and Till had already set and decorated the table while I was in SPA, using our finest porcelain and silver (ha, ha, he really is cute....). In the background is Jonas, reading one of the books they'd been picking up from the library earlier. He reads really well without practicing at all, but he doesn't want to be different, so he tells everyone he can't read (perfectionistic little boy).

Till prepared a 3 course dinner which ended with a Ben & Jerry cookie dough ice cream dessert! Mmmmmm... if you haven't tried it, well, let's just say it's time you do..... It was all really delicious and perfectly cooked. Well done husband! After getting all kids to bed, we turned into couch potatoes and had a good laugh watching Mamma Mia the movie. I could watch that movie over and over and over again.
Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday greetings, everyone who called and sent me e-mails. You all made my day very special. Love ya! And a special thank you to my dear Till. You are the bestest husband EVER!!!!!!!!! L O V E you!
I think I would like to have a birthday EVERY day......

Saturday, February 7

Reflections on the year that has passed......

One year ago today I started this blog. One year ago I turned 36. One year ago I sat myself 20 goals, and looking at them today, some of them were quite hard to follow up on, some weren't, and some of them were just whatever - not important. If you're curious of what I wrote in my first blog post ever, you should probably check it out here.

These are the goals I am content with, the rest, well let's just say I need to work on those some more (or just leave'em...he, he)

take better photos
make more homemade presents
sew more
keep working out and keep in shape
participate in designing competitions and challenges
watch less tv (this was actually quite doable)
updating my blog frequently
use up my craft-/scrap supply

Here's to my one year anniversary blogging...Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 6

Sketch challenge at Lotus Paperie and some news from Papirgleder

Just dropping by to tell you there's a very cool sketch challenge up at Lotus Paperie. I loved this sketch and it resulted in quite a simple LO, but I like it . So different, so simple, so cheap.... Used a left over card stock piece as background, painted a stripe of gesso, sewed on some scrap pieces of white fabric and some buttons. The stamp is from Autumn leaves "for the record" and the title piece is from a chatterbox chipboard sticker sheet. The pictures are of Lotte watching tv... So cute....

I also have to mention that there is a fun competition starting on Papirgleder. We will be starting Papircup 2009 where you will be challenged to scrap in different styles throughout the months to come. The first challenge is already up, so if you can read Norwegian, you should check it out.
We also have an interesting article about Valentines day written by Hanne Iren Evjen to inspire you and give you some ideas of what to make for your dear one(s). You can get inspired even if you can't read the Norwegian text, just look at the pictures:). I've got a few lay outs in there as well.

Monday, February 2

Photo competition on Fotoverden - Winter

I decided to participate on this months competition on fotoverden with 3 of my favorite winter photos. I especially love the two first pics, which are pictures of pine with ice. I love the artistic feel. The last photo is taken 1 minute from where I live, just as the sun starts looking through the trees.

Sunday, February 1

Lotus Paperie - guest designer - moi!

Like I mentioned before, I am guest designing on the Lotus Paperie challenge blog this month. The first challenge is already up; lift one of my 3 all-time-favorite lay-outs (showcased on the blog) so I hope to see some cool lifts out there. There is a price to be won for the winner. There will be a new cool challenge every friday, so be sure to stop by.