Sunday, June 28

Hipp hipp hurra! For Lotte har bursdag i dag!

Happy birthday to my little "baby" who turned 3 today! Can't believe that four years ago, I wasn't even thinking about having another baby, or that she three years ago was this tiny little "raisin" making an entrance in quite a sudden, surprising but good way, or that two years ago she was running around like crazy driving her parents crazy, or that one year ago she finally got the concept of having a birthday and getting presents and how great it was. Well, today was another day in Lottes history, knowing the moment she woke up that today is her birtday. She knew she would get presents and that mommy had made her cakes and that she would be the princess of the day. And what a day it was! The weather was definitely smiling to us so we could enjoy the garden at it's best. Lots of yummi food and cake.....So here are some images:

How old are you?

Lotte and the birthday train:

just a natural pose....(very Lotte)

some of the most popular presents:Here's our little princess of the day. This is the princessy tulle skirt that I made her, together with her pyjama and her new swim shoes and princess crown. What a match!

Todays Pavlova. Mmmmmm!
here's another favorite present; hello kitty
blowing out the candles...

All in all a great day with good friends. Thank you for making the day extra special!

Friday, June 26

Lottes "traktatie"

Here in the Netherlands, it is a custom to serve something at school when you have a birthday, or when you get a baby brother or sister or when you leave the class. We call it "traktatie" (bithday treat). Today was Lottes day, celebrating her upcomming 3rd birthday (which really is on sunday), and I made her little hearty toasties to share with her class mates. And boy, where they a hit. They went down like sweets, and even though I brought an extra box, I had nothing left after a few minutes. The teachers had to hold some of the boys back, so that everybody would get their share. Ha, ha. So, if you ever look for a good "traktatie", this might be the way to go...

Here's what you need:

toast bread (I used white bread, but of course you could use brown as well)
Cream cheese with herbes and garlic
cookie cutters (I used the shape of a little heart)
some tooth pickers or little flags

Make sandwiches with two slices of toast and cheese in between. Cut out as many shapes as you can manage of each sandwich (I got 3 hearts per sandw.). You can make little squares if you dont want to waist any bread or if you don't have the cookie cutter. I ate the leftovers for breakfast. Add the flagg and the grape and voila. C'est tout.

Here is Lotte while serving..... so proud....
And here's another little proud Lotte, with her 3 year old hat...
Have a great weekend. I will be quite busy baking cakes and wrapping presents.

Shhhhh! Please don't tell, but I made her a cute little tulle princess skirt, that I am quite sure will be a huge hit. Can't wait to give it to her...

Wednesday, June 24

Goodie bag tutorial

Like I promised yesterday, (and, yes! I did find that cable) here is my little tutorial. I have to get used to the bad quality of these pics compared to what I usually get with my 5d. It's just not the same...

Anyway, here is what I used:

The Sweet Tweet paper from the Singspring collection, Sausandesigns, flowers and borders stamps from Sausandesigns, colorbox stamp pad; color scarlet, red maya mist, black archival ink, some old book papers, glue dots, a stapler and some transparent foil (cellophane) - not sure about the English word there.

First I cut out a piece of the paper, 3,5'x4' or 9x10 cm and folded it in half. And I went around the edges with the red ink. I also sprayed some maya mist on the old bookpaper and let it dry.Then I stamped some borders on the front and some flowers and leaves on the book paper with the black ink, and cut out the flowers and leaves by hand.
I addhered the flowers and leaves with gluedots, just one dot in the middle, and bent the edge of the flowers to create some dimension. This looks ten times better than just leaving them flat.

It then looked like this:

I wrapped some nougat squares (if there is any Italians reading this, and you have the recipe for Italian nougat, I would LOVE to have it) in the foil and fastened it with the stapler. Last step was to attach the paper tag to the bag with the stapler as well.

And here is the finished product, ready and steady for todays party (picture taken with the good camera this time. What a difference....) Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, June 23

What we did today....

These are just a few of the things we did today. I finished this gift for Lottes teacher, who is retiring this year. I made the tag with Sausandesigns papers and stamps (SingSpring, sweet tweet paper and flowers and borduere stamps)
Lotte found some hidden treasures in the staircase (stuff I had found around the house and was suppose to bring upstairs). I love my new hallway and staircase, btw. We just renovated it and painted the steps white and the walls sort of warm beige. I just finished the gallery last weekend and finally got some of the kids' art up on the wall. Makes me happy...

I finished editing the pictures of Silvia and her gorgeous belly. The rest can be seen here.
We had one of my favorite soups for dinner; potato soup with bacon, fish and olive oil, mmmm. Best thing with this soup, is that it fills you up for the rest of the evening. No looking around for sweets or other unhealthy temptations an hour after dinner..:)Jonas wrote greetings for his teachers, as they are celebrating a joint birthday tomorrow (like we didn't have enough other things going on at the moment....)
...and I made the gifts; goodie bags with Italian nougat (it's SOOOO yummi). Used all sausandesigns products again (same as above). Me still like! I'll have a little tutorial on how to make these goodie bags tomorrow, if I manage to find a missing cable for transferring the pictures from my little minicamera - don't use it to often....)

And my dh spent the evening working outside, but not getting his hands dirty - AND while enjoying a glass of wine. Oh, don't we like the modern world....?

Friday, June 19

These eyes....

Click here to read more about this picture and another photo tips... Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 16

Skissedilla #12

I did my first Skissedilla layout! It´s a fantastic new Norwegian challenge blog based on sketches, with a great design team and cool new sketches every week. So, since I am having trouble finding inspiration at the moment, I decided to have a go this week. I am also still working on my "all time favorite summer memories"- album, so this goes straight into that one. In the summer we love to buy vegetables and fruits on the farmers market nearby, and one of the favorites are the green peas. The kids love taking the peas out of the pod; lets just say they enjoy this more than eating them:). I used an older basic grey paper as background, some blue paint, a Jenni Bowlin sticker, some sassafraslass chipboard sticker and boarder and a Sausandesigns stamp (Zeit set) around the chipboard circle. It's very ME isn't it? :) :) :)

Monday, June 15

Looking for some inspiration?? Something different?

Then you might be interested in this cool blog; GermanArtStamps, a blog about all the different and very artsy ways too use clear stamps. This time Sylvie also used food for her stamping projects. I love that idea, and am sure I will try it out in the nearest future.

Saturday, June 13

Some photo tips...

Hi, there! Just stopping by to say that I will be posting tips about photography every once in a while on my photo blog. I posted my first tip just now with some cute pics of Lotte and the strawberry harvest of the day:) Aren´t those strawberries just SO much tastier when they come from your own garden? A result of your own "sweat and labor"? We are having a very social weekend, barbecuing with friends both today and tomorrow. Good food, happy children, happy parents....Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 12

For a good cause..

This digital kit is designed by Sausandesigns for Songbird avenue, a digital kit club that gives all the proceeds of the monthly exclusive kit for a good cause. This month Sylvie from Sausandesigns is guest designing and offering this cool kit, giving all the proceeds to Doctors without borders.

And I had a go at a digital layout, made with this kit. Although my heart definitely belongs to hands-on scrapbooking, it was fun playing around with the cool items. And the best thing: no mess:). I love the cute little owl and the funky flower and the frames and the butterflies and the papers and......

Thursday, June 11

Birthday invitations with Sausandesigns products

It has actually been a while since I made these birthday invitations for my sons party, but I kinda forgot about them, ahem... They are quite simple, but eye catching nevertheless. The little rocket is from one of Jonas' own drawings that I scanned in and printed out again in small format. A piece of fabric works as "flames" on the rocket. I stamped the talking bobble and cut it out and glued it on with a foam sticker. The images inside, on the back of the card and on the envelope are all stamped with stamps from Sausandesigns, as are the papers (funky funky collection).

Wednesday, June 10

Look who we scRapped this time.... I mentioned last week, today there is a new scRapp at Scrappemania. We hi-jacked Pia this month and lifted her cool and colorful layout. The other maniagirls made some cool lifts, definitely worth checking out. And here is my lift, using mostly stuff from Label Tulips May kit. The paint splatters are made with the custom made stamp that came with the kit. So cool! The picture is of Lotte, taking a bath. It looks like she is wearing lip-stick, which she is obviously NOT! She has got really dark red lips by nature and they seem even darker on photos. Just had to mention it, in case you were wondering.....:o)

Monday, June 8

Funky pictures..

..I just posted some funky pictures on my photo blog, and thought I'd hint about it here so you can see some examples of how I can change a normal picture into something artistic and funky. This gives you an idea of what I meant with my photographic RAK in this post. If you leave a comment (it will have to be a comment, not just one of the fun boxes at the end of the post) on ANY of the posts in picturely spoken by the end of June I will pick one winner to receive some fun editing. The comment section is at the TOP of every post, just under the title - a little hard to spot.

Friday, June 5

Another sneaky....

Since I am not producing a hole lot at the moment, I am all about sneakies...Here´s a little piece of the upcomming scRapp at ScrappeMania that will go public on the 10th. I have used mostly stuff from the last Label Tulip kit (May). Lovely sure to stop by on the 10th to find out who we hi-jacked this time.

Tuesday, June 2

My new blog and a RAK

...that I am passionate about photos, is probably nothing new to most of you. But that I have taken a huge step towards my own business as a professional portrait photographer might be new to most of you. If you wonder why I haven´t been around much lately, well you might believe that I have spent ALL my available time preparing, designing, preparing, practicing, editing and preparing for this. Today I finally finished the new photo blog, which is called Picturely Spoken and I could finally post the beautiful pictures of my good friend Caroline and her man and little princess. They were a dream to photograph.

If you leave a comment on the new blog by the end of the month (June), I will pick one commenter to win a little photographic RAK. The winner will send me one of his or her favorite pictures and I will edit it and transform it into something cool and artistic. And if you scroll all the way to the end of the post (on picturely spoken), you will find little boxes where you can check what you think of the pics or just say hi. I love that feature... Here´s a little peak at the cute photos from the photoshoot...