Saturday, February 6

A little mini

Hi, I know it's been forever, and really all I can blame it on is busy life and low motivation. I've decided to quit the design team at CASAkreativ and Papirgleder, cause I don't have anything to give at the moment, which is kind of depressing, but nevertheless a fact. Anyway, still going strong for dear Sylvie and Sausandesigns, cause I really love her unique products. I have been working on a couple of layouts, which my dear annoying daughter managed to ruin with spilling dirty water on them (me NOT happy), so now I have to find the motivation to start over. I did however managed to finish this little minibook about the 5 of us, for which I used the love generation accordion album, bubbly borders, and stamps. It's really very simple, but then again I love simple. Have a great weekend.


hanne said...

Søt liten bok!

sylvie said...

Oh Sweetheart, i am sure you r mojo will be back soon! Ynd I LOVE this Mini! It looks fabulous! Big hug from over here!

polinka said...

this is soo cute!!